VCpay: we review it here

Rowan —  May 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

There’s been a great deal of press around the VCpay virtual card product, the mobile phone app that allows you to create a unique virtual credit card.

It’s generating publicity around its zero-cost model, so I thought I had to give it a try. I logged onto the site and went through the terms and conditions, plus guidelines on how to register for the product. When going to the Easypay site there I felt it was tedious to go through so much writing and text. It is informative but I do think they could have made the site simpler and easier to understand.

There are two steps involved when using the product. First you need to download the VC Pay app onto your phone – only Blackberries and Androids are supported at this stage. This is a fairly easy process.

The second step involves logging onto their website and registering an Easypay profile so you have to go to two places and download two components to set up the whole thing. The second step took longer, and I became slightly frustrated that I couldn’t set up everything in one location.

Then when doing a deposit I used the details for Nedbank as I bank with them. I did the EFT on the 30th of March and it said it would take 30 minutes to reflect. On 11 April I phoned the call centre and asked them where my deposit was as it did not reflect still. They phoned me back the following day and said that there was a problem with the deposits from Nedbank and would sort it out and load money to profile. Three days later the funds then reflected on the profile, making it a total of 15 days before I was able to use the product.

I then loaded a virtual card which was easy. I used it to purchase a song from Look and Listen, and it worked. The spending of the voucher was the easy bit, and I got an SMS for the purchase from VCpay, confirming I had spent money on the virtual card at Look and Listen.

So all in all the product does work. The most attractive feature is the no charges for the card. The downside of the product is that it only works on Blackberry or Android, so iPhone users are excluded Judging from my experience too you might not be able to use your cards immediately, but hopefully this will change with improved systems and communication.


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