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Wednesday 6 June 2012 saw the meeting of the Global Prepaid Exchange South Africa in Johannesburg. The Global Prepaid Exchange is organisation created specifically to bring together the prepaid community to share ideas and discuss concerns in order to grow the industry. For more information go to
The event in Johannesburg was the first retreat held in South Africa. It brought together retailers, banks, issuers, card manufacturers and processers. The events agenda included a talk on online retail environment, panel discussions on gift and loyalty as well a presentation from Google.
The concept of the exchange is something that is necessary in every industry. However it was evident that the exchange can only work if it is supported by players across the industry. Players should also be willing to support industry initiatives as a group rather than tackling them individually. So the best of luck to the @prepaidxsa. There is still a way to go to make your efforts relevant in South Africa!