Weview Wednesday – The FNB Facebook Application

Rowan —  September 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

We have decided to make Wednesday a “Weview Wednesday” as a new feature of the blog. On this day we will review a new prepaid product in the market. Our first product we came accross is the FNB Facebook application.
Everyone in SA is well aware of Steve from Beep bank( @Steve_Beep_Bank) So Steve’s been going on about the FNB application on Facebook that allows you to perform certain banking functions via your Facebook account. Some features including purchasing of vouchers and the ability to send it to friends on Facebook. Some of the vouchers available include prepaid electricity, airtime, data bundles. This seemed like an innovative idea as you could also send the vouchers to a friend. So I thought as part of “Weview Wednesday” I would try out the FNB Facebook app. It was easy enough to find it on Facebook. However what wasn’t very clear about the product is that you need use your cellphone banking to allow you to make use of the functionality.
I thought I would call the FNB help desk to find out more about how to use it. Sorry to say Steve but the help desk was unable to offer much assistance on the product. I decided to give the product a try on my own by purchasing an airtime voucher. There wasn’t a huge choice of vouchers you could actually purchase. Going back to Facebook you can choose the voucher value you require but when completing the transaction you are directed back to cellphone banking and receive the PIN via cellphone. Whilst I do recognise the security aspects of using a cellphone for the purchase, I found the entire process quite tedious for a voucher.

Tutuka review of FNB application

In regards to sending vouchers to someone else on Facebook, after completing the transaction, I had to log onto FACEBOOK to send the voucher to your friend using the PIN you have received through cellphone banking.

My verdict of the experience. I thought the concept of banking and buying prepaid products via Facebook is very innovative. FNB as a bank are certainly targeting the youth market with its social media campaign. However from my experience it’s not as convenient as one may expect it to be. One is still using cellphone banking for the most part. I’m not entirely sure why someone would us the Facebook application if you could do possibly the same via your normal internet banking portal? It also does require some fine tuning around the usability and support around the product. It did fall short of the promise of being able to do banking via Facebook. I think Steve has some work to do!


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