Weview Wednesday – Pocit mobile store card payments

Rowan —  October 17, 2012 — 2 Comments

We decided to take a look at the Pocit mobile payments system in order to see where this great service is going. They’ve recently launched the ability to pay for your store accounts via your mobile phone. We take a look at the process:

1) Dial *120*3636# from mobile device(ussd setup)

2) Receive balance (database of available participating retail groups).

3) The following gets displayed: Closing balance, due date, amount due.

4) Select options from menu ( a)Pay due amount , b) Pay own amount , c) See bill detail)

5) Next step asks you what amount you would like to pay (I opted for the amount outstanding on my account)

6) Choose bank

7) Choose type of account

8) Enter bank account number

9) ID number

10) Confirmation screen

11) Thank you screen

The Pocit store card payment service is very helpful and convenient for people on the go whom might not have access to their internet banking, or even to go to a Edgars Store to pay cash. The process is simple however the website option did not work. Fortunately this is less of a problem as you can use the cellphone process as a basic entry point.


• Simple to use, user-friendly menu.

• No computer needed, normal network connection on phone.

• Confirmation sms sent through to cellphone.

• The Pocit system currently has the Edcon and Mr Price group on board with their system, therefore should pick up accounts related to them

• The “see bill detail” option gives you the chance to view your purchases for the month thus far, as well as available credit (step 4)


• The amount will come off your bank account the following day, and will reflect on your intended destination in 2 days

• USSD connection costs are not are not displayed. One would have to wait till your cellphone bill comes through to view the charges

• Τhere is a mobile app, but it charges R5 a month as an administration charge and was difficult to download.

• The Pocit system currently only has the 2 groups stated above, but yet I have Mr Price accounts – it did not pick them up when I tried my email address and cell number.


2 responses to Weview Wednesday – Pocit mobile store card payments


    What a surprise to see the review. So glad you like the service and really appreciate the feedback. I’m not sure why the website didn’t work but will follow up. Also:
    # The USSD service is a standard service. Will consider stating such.
    # We have discontinued the mobile java app and no longer allow downloads – it is too complex a process for a simple process of paying a bill.
    # We don’t yet have all the Mr Price bills yet (due for next month). I hope the you are able to find and pay your Mr P November account

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