Prepaid Credit Cards Are Ideal for Holiday Shopping and Travel

Rowan —  November 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

Anyone who has owned a credit card has been in the following situation. You are doing your holiday shopping, hunting down items for everyone on your list. The big day comes and you give and receive gifts; everyone is happy, right? Yes, until you look at your monthly credit card statement and realize you will be paying for those holiday gifts long into the New Year. Then your holiday cheer begins to sour…

January has a bad habit of being a long month for many people. Money is tight and this is hardly a great way to start off a new year. Prepaid once again comes to the rescue in order to avoid these nasty surprises.

Staying on budget during the holiday season is hard. Are you really keeping track of spending during the mad rush of Christmas? Probably not! With a prepaid credit card you do not need to worry how much you are spending. You can only spend what is on the card, not a penny more. If you want to track your spending, all you have to do is go online. You can see how much you spent, where you spend it, and how much cash you withdrew. We provide prepaid cards for malls meaning you can plan your spending at these malls before you make the purchases. You can also take a prepaid card overseas for travelling in order to avoid nasty surprises on your credit card.

A prepaid credit card functions like a regular credit or debit card. You can take out cash, make online purchases, or swipe your card at the checkout counter. This year stay in budget and keep your holiday cheer long after January 1st.

Focus on rest, your family and the year ahead rather than adding stress to your life when you’ve overspent and already potentially ruined the year.


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