What is Claimscard?

Rowan —  November 8, 2012 — 4 Comments

One of the products we’re most proud of is the ClaimsCard concept: a revolutionary way to settle insurance claims. Claims are paid directly into your ClaimsCard so that you can replace goods and services directly from approved retailers.

ClaimsCard gives your purchasing power back to you so that you can replace lost, stolen or damaged goods.

In the event of a theft or damage you want your items replaced immediately and the Claimscard means that you get what you want as per the approved claims category, when you want and at the retailer of your choice as listed for the item category.

Hollard has issued the first filtered loop insurance replacement card in South Africa, which is believed to become the norm in settling claims.

ClaimsCard is a partnership between Tutuka, South Africa’s largest prepaid card provider, ValueCard and Opengate, allowing clients to replace goods at insurer-approved outlets.

Even though ClaimsCard is MasterCard branded, it is filtered so that it can only be used at retailers as approved for the specific claim. Retailers receive funds through the normal banking network so there is no possibility of bad debts or account administration. Clients will receive their cards within two days of submitting a claim and can replace goods when it suits them best as money is “banked” on the card.

The varied benefits for consumers and retailers’ means that the Claimscard is highly successful and a recommended choice for speedy replacement of stolen or damaged goods. In addition your card is protected by a PIN code, which must be kept secret at all times. Do not write this number down or reveal it to anybody otherwise the card could potentially be used without your permission.

You can also check the balance on your Claimscard by going to www.claimscard.co.za. You’ll always know how much you still have available.

Ask your insurer for the Claimscard product in order to make sure you get your goods back as fast as possible.


4 responses to What is Claimscard?


    Hi can you send me a list of retailers where I can use my hollard claim card.


      Good day Willie

      Your Hollard claimscard usage would depend on the specific claim which you were approved for. I will forward your details over to Claimscard, for them to give you the specific retailer list that applies to your Claimscard. They will contact you shortly.



    ClaimsCard gives your purchasing power back to you so that you can replace lost, stolen or damaged goods.

    We had 2 burglaries in 2 months.My security needed upgrade and the passive was pulled of the wall and my fence was cut of twice. All we need for this loop card to pay our service providers for a better and safe living.

    Why does this card not provide the facility. It says it gives you purchasing power so that you can replace lost,stolen or damaged good.



      Hi Kas

      ClaimsCard was introduced to assist the insured with flexibility and peace of mind in replacing household contents items such as electronics, clothing and jewellery. It is a card system which works through the MasterCard network and can therefore only be used in a retail environment, where there is access to card machines. It cannot unfortunately at this stage be used for services relating to the home ie for payments to a plumber, electrician, builder etc as they do not generally work with card machines as per a normal traditional retail environment. If you are able to use stores like builders warehouse to purchase lost or stolen items and they are jobs of a DIY nature, then it can be of assistance.


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