Some novel uses of prepaid cards

Rowan —  November 15, 2012 — Leave a comment

Prepaid is a rapidly growing card payment alternative to traditional credit / debit cards and bank account transfers.

Providing the convenience of debit and credit cards, but without the need to hold a bank account, undertake credit checks, and be liable for overdraft charges or face the nasty end-of-month bill surprises.

Prepaid card market is expanding, as it gives an array of benefits over and above the traditional payment options.

• It’s safer than carrying cash

• It provides flexibility of payment

• Is a more secure online payment method

• Provides a business an alternative method of employee remittance

• Be used for Corporate benefits

• Be used for rewards and incentive schemes

• Provide online accounts facilities and secure payments

• Is more convenient, safer and quicker than issuing and cashing cheques

Prepaid cards can provide a variety of payment solutions for your customers, which include:

• Salary payments

• Expense reimbursement – cost saving and improved efficiencies

• Travel card – more secure and convenient alternative to cash and travellers cheques

• Youth cards – giving payment choice and awareness of money budgeting

We have invested heavily to develop our sophisticated in-house systems and capabilities and gained the accreditations necessary to quickly move forward to offer one of the best end-to-end prepaid solutions in the marketplace.


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