Weview Wednesday – Shoprite Money Transfer

Rowan —  November 28, 2012 — 15 Comments

Today we have decided to weview the mobile money transfer facility from Shoprite. Sending money through the Shoprite, Checkers, or Checkers Hyper Money Market counters is extremely fast, simple, and a reliable way to send and receive money. This service takes the hassle out of going to a bank and is extremely cost effective. Lets take a look…

How to register?

There is no “registration” needed, as all transactions are recorded each time. Having your ID document present is mandatory for the process for be completed.

How to send & receive money?

  1. Go to your nearest Shoprite Money Market counter with your SA ID book.
  2. Give the Money Market cashier the SA ID, the money you want to transfer and pay R9.99.
  3. You choose your secret PIN number and the cashier gives you a receipt with a money transfer reference number. That’s it. The money is transferred immediately.
  4. You send your secret PIN number and money transfer reference number to the person who needs to receive the money.

To receive the money is just as simple, The person who needs to receive the money takes his or her SA ID book, the money transfer reference number and PIN to any Shoprite Money Market counter to collect the money. Collecting the money is FREE.

Overall a great offering by a large retail group which is backed by Capitec. Shoprite Holdings adds value to their retail stores in a way which aids and assists their customers effectively. The process is simple, and cost effective, and a great way to send money.


• Great for the man on the street, simple, walk-in walk-out process

• Transfers are instant

• No bank account needed to transact. Easy cash system at the money market points

• With a Shoprite/Checkers/Checkers Hyper around every corner, locating a money market counter wont be too much of a hassle

• The Vodacom network can be trusted for safety, security and consistency

• Costs only R9.99 per transaction


• Transactions are limited to operating hours of the retail store

• ID document must be present when sending or receiving money(driver’s license or passport will not be accepted)

• Money must be collected within 5 minutes of the transfer


15 responses to Weview Wednesday – Shoprite Money Transfer


    Good Afternoon,
    Can money be paid in Shoprite in South Africa and then be withdrawn in Malawi?



    Hi Marianne

    The money transfer service is currently only available for use within the borders of the country.



    There are also many companies that allow you to transfer money online making it easier and less limited!


    Can a foreigner who lives in SA use his/her passport to send or receive money in your system?
    Thank you!


    Hi Tanjona

    For use of this service, you would need to have a valid South African barcoded Identity document.



    Can you use a vodacom giftcard to do a money transfer from?


    Hi Eileen

    Yes you may use your Vodacom Gift Card at the Shoprite money market counter, for the balance which the card has available on it. They will accept this because all Shoprite’s countrywide accept MasterCard’s as a method of payment. This gift card works countrywide just as a normal credit card would.


    abel k bwawanda March 22, 2013 at 5:39 am

    can l be able 2use an asylum 2 recieve or send money at shoprite


    why must money be collected in 5minutes?


      Hi Felicity

      The money can be collected from as early as 5 minutes from the time of the transfer. It does not need to be collected within the 5 minutes, it can be collected after it as well.



        Thank u for that…i was about to ask if i can collect the money afta 7 or 8 days…wont ther be a hassle?


        Hi Lerato

        There wont be any problem with that.



    What do I do if I loose the recipient who the reference number?


      Hi Jabu

      If the recipient loses the references number, the sender can go to a Money Market counter and reset the pin for the transaction. This pin new pin will get sent to the recipient.


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