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What’s on my card?

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During Christmas and the festive season many receive gift cards for presents or use gift cards to buy presents. We at Tutuka, provide the card processing service behind many gift cards countrywide, and receive many different enquiries around this time of year. The bulk of these enquiries tend to be about how much the cardholder still has on their cards and what they can still buy. To make life easier we’ve create many different ways for users to check their balance: 

Gift Card Balance Enquiry Options

Customers can their gift card balances through the following methods:

  • Going to the information desk
  • Sending an SMS of their card number to 34246
  • Calling the Balance enquiry IVR 083 918 7700
  • Dialling customer support of 0861 11 40 93 and choosing option 1 for card balances
  • Logging onto
  • Downloading the whatsonmycard app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android

As the end of the year draws near we at Tutuka are taking some time to celebrate the amazing year that both we and our partners had. We won awards, grew our product set and grew from strength to strength. We also created one of the first applications for Blackberry, Android and iPhone to check your prepaid balance and to celebrate this amazing year we put together an infographic with some of our favourite moments and stats from 2012.

Here’s to an even bigger 2013 for our friends, partners, clients and the prepaid industry!

Christmas InfoG

Prepaid cards vs gift cards

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Although it may not feel like a very personal gift, you probably can’t go wrong giving a gift card as a holiday present. Gift cards and cash are the top two gifts consumers want to receive this holiday season, according to the Deloitte annual holiday survey. As prepaid cards continue to grow in popularity, sometimes as an alternative to a checking account and sometimes as a type of gift card.

Is one better than the other? Here we describe the differences so you can decide.

For purposes of this article, prepaid cards refers to reloadable prepaid cards — and not to cards that are marketed as a way to give someone a specific amount of money as a gift.


Gift cards: Cards that are associated with a particular retailer can, of course, only be used to make purchases at that retail store. Depending on the retailer, though, it may be possible to use a gift card for one store to purchase a gift card to another retailer, though that’s not always possible. If you’ve received gift cards you don’t plan to use, you can sell them on gift card exchange sites, or exchange them for a card you prefer. Not sure which store your gift recipient prefers? Consider a mall-wide card, or a card that carries the logo of one of the major card issuers, so that the person who gets the card can can shop at all the stores in the mall or wherever he or she wants.

Prepaid cards: These cards are very flexible since they can be accepted anywhere that particular brand of card — MasterCard, Visa, or American Express — is accepted.

Lost or Stolen Cards:

Gift cards: If you lose a retail gift card, you may be out of luck unless you can prove to the merchant that you purchased the card, or report the loss or theft before the balance is used. If you registered the gift card through the merchant when you received it, then the first problem is taken care of, and as long as the card hasn’t been used you should be able to get the card canceled and a new one reissued. (Individual retailers may set their own policies.

Prepaid cards: You may have more protection here than with retail gift cards. Certain programs generally mean that cardholders aren’t responsible for fraudulent purchases as long as the loss or theft is reported promptly. However, there are some exceptions; for example, Visa purchases made with a PIN and not processed on the Visa network.

Win with Tutuka

Rowan —  December 6, 2012 — 4 Comments

Christmas Tree

Just in time for Christmas Tutuka are giving away five R100 prepaid cards to help you understand the simplicity and joy of using a prepaid card over the festive season.

There are two ways to enter the competition, follow us on Twitter or comment on this blog with what you’d use your prepaid cards to buy these holidays. The beauty is, you can use a prepaid card for gifts, travel, fuel or anything else your heart desires. Comment on the blog and follow us to double your chances of winning.


The competition ends on the 21th and we’ll contact winners soon afterwards.

Weview Wednesday – TYME

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Today we are reviewing an offering called Mobile Money, which is operated by TYME(Take Your Money Everywhere) – a distribution channel of The Bank Of Athens. The product works in conjunction with the bank, and gives you the ability of transacting at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores. This cellphone process is run via USSD, and is powered by MTN. What caught our eye was Mobile Money’s ability to make payment at cashiers, and also allows an array of other features namely :

  • Send and receive money
  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Buy prepaid airtime
  • Buy prepaid electricity

How to register?

  1. Dial *120*668# on your mobile phone
  2. Enter your South African ID number
  3. Confirm your ID number
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions
  5. You will receive an SMS prompting you to confirm your registration and to set your 5 digit Mobile PIN number
  6. Confirm your Mobile PIN number by entering it in again
  7. Your registration is now complete

How to deposit money?

The process is fairly simple, you go to your nearest Pick n Pay or Boxer, follow the prompts to “Deposit” on the Mobile Money menu on phone, and once your “WiCode” for the transaction appears on the screen, hand that and the money to the teller. An sms will be sent to you to confirm the deposit.

How to pay at the till?

What set this product apart from other SA products available lately, was mobile money’s ability to pay for your groceries at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores. This service can simply be accessed by dialling *120*668#, selecting the “Pay at till” option, following the prompts to confirm your request, and thereafter a “WiCode”(available for 15 minutes) will be sent to you, which you simply give to the teller.


  • Ability to send money to other Mobile Money account holders
  • Low fees(most transaction are free to MTN subscribers, and only R1 to non-MTN users)
  • It provides an alternative payment if you forget your wallet at home
  • Deposit and Withdrawal costs are relatively on par with other mobile wallets in the market
  • The Mobile Money account gives you access to transact with debit orders as well, just as a normal transactional accoutn does
  • A very simple and easy to use menu


  • If you forget your pin, a new account has to be registered (this question was posed to the call-center, and this was the solution)
  • The pay at till option is limited to the two retailers (Pick n Pay and Boxer)

Tutuka wins two TT100 awards

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Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 10.56.06 AM

The TT100 Business Awards Programme was, with the support from various partners including Eskom, the JSE and government launched in 1991 by the South African Engineering Association (SAVI). The programme is unashamedly an effort to draw attention to the importance of developing a local culture of technological innovation and excellence.TT100 has evolved into one of the foremost business awards programmes that lauds South African companies for their business prowess in the Management of Technology, Innovation, People, Systems, Research and Sustainability.

The judging is a highly in-depth process involving many levels including an initial screening, a panel interview, adjudicators then having to judge together and then finally the awards.

In 2012 Tutuka was a finalist in five different categories in the “Emerging And Small Enterprises” category and emerged on the night with two awards. We won the Innovation category for the Small Enterprises segment of the competition and we thrilled to be awarded the “Director General’s award for overall excellence”. Congrats to the winners of the other categories we were nominated in and for all other winners on the night.

2012 Emerging and Small Enterprises   TT100

We at Tutuka are proud to be part of an event that supports South African innovation and are glad to being part of the growth of the South Africa technology industry.

Go to for more.