Weview Wednesday: 1-2 Pay Online

prelin —  January 16, 2013 — Leave a comment


Today we have decided to weview a local online payment product called 1-2-Pay-Online. This is a virtual credit card, and works as a payment service that enables you to shop online securely, without the use of a plastic credit card, but with the same functionality. This service helps to remove any potential fraud worries related to online transactions.

Let’s see how it works…

How to register?

Registration is a simple process whereby details are taken through secure pages and a virtual account is created.

How to use?

Money is transferred into the 1-2 Pay trust account, with my profile number as a reference. Since I was transferring from a Standard bank account it reflected overnight.

Once the funds are reflecting in the account, a virtual credit card must be created, where you select how much you would like on that card (between R50 and R1500). The picture of the card with the card number, expiry date, and cvv (all essential elements of a credit card when required to make an online payment). As a security measure, the last four digits of the card are greyed out of the email, and is sent through to the account holders cellphone.

Once you have received the virtual card, you are ready to shop!



  • Secure facility
  • Easy to use website, simple links, to the point instructions
  • Reduces the risk of your main credit or cheque cards being skimmed/cloned and used later on
  • Cost effective, costs to use are only taken once you have created a virtual card, and is 3.5% of the virtual card created
  • Control of online spending, as there are limits in place


  • A few errors popped up on the website when the virtual card was being created, but after a few tries it went through
  • Fica regulated, therefore a virtual card to the value of R200 can only be created if Fica documentation are not sent through.
  • The password system is very strict, and recovery of password would be a difficult process if forgotten – don’t forget your password!

You may visit the 1-2-Pay-online website by clicking here: https://www.12payonline.co.za/index.html#


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