Weview Wednesday: Prepaid24

prelin —  February 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

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Today we weview an advance in the prepaid space: the Prepaid24 service. This option is now available for paying for electricity straight from your phone for homes that use prepaid meters. We’ll run through the setup and our thoughts on the product. Prepaid24 also sells other products such as airtime and ADSL connectivity; a very useful service to have in a pinch!

Step 1: Register account

The process was fairly simple, 3 simple steps. All you need to complete all of your details, confirm the products you require and an account is created for you.

Step 2: Loading funds into your account

Funds will have to be loaded into your registered account with Prepaid24.  These funds can be loaded via eft across all the various banks.

Step 3: Buying electricity

  • Register online on http://www.pp24.co.za
  • Use safe EFT process
  • Receive a token via SMS and e-mail within minutes

Prepaid24 will attempt to send your tokens to your cell phone (number used in the registration) within the shortest possible time. Punch the token number that you will receive from Prepaid24 into your meter to recharge your electricity.


  • Simple transaction process to register
  • Easy-to-use website for buying of tokens
  • Once money is in your account, you don’t need to leave your home!


  • Most transactions take less than 15 minutes. Since Prepaid24 is reliant on other 3rd parties like municipalities and service providers, Prepaid24 cannot guarantee a set recharge time.

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