Top tips for choosing a prepaid card

prelin —  February 19, 2013 — Leave a comment


Making sure you get the best deal of a prepaid card is important to us at Tutuka. We provide some of the top prepaid cards in the country however as a user it’s important to consider certain issues about prepaid cards. Here’s how you can make sure you choose the best for your needs:

Monthly fees

Not all prepaid cards have monthly fees however it’s important you make sure they don’t or are very low. Ideally you would like to pay the smallest monthly fee possible, but if you have to swallow a fee somewhere a small monthly fee is usually an acceptable alternative and allows you to easily budget the cost of your card.

Transaction fees

Each card has a different transaction fee (most larger card programs would allow for free swipes at merchants) but if you plan to frequently use the card for small purchases this can get expensive if you are charged per transaction.

Deposit fees and withdrawals

Some cards charge to reload your card. If you need to make frequent cash withdrawals, choose a card that allows access to ATMs, but be aware of withdrawal fees. Find a card with a large network of ATMs and offers free or low withdrawals.

Everyone has a different requirement and finding a card with no monthly, transaction, deposit or withdrawal fees might be close to impossible. Choose what works best for your needs and get the card that fits your lifestyle.


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