Weview Wednesday: TravelWallet

prelin —  February 20, 2013 — Leave a comment


Stemming from our article last week titled “The hottest accessory for travelling, we have reviewed a product that would benefit all those who want to minimize the headache and worry about carrying cash abroad – Standard Bank’s Travel Wallet.

TravelWallet is a prepaid MasterCard that offers you the security and convenience of an ATM and payment card. You can swipe your card wherever you see the MasterCard sign. You can also withdraw money at any ATM bearing the Cirrus or MasterCard logo giving you access to your money wherever you are in the world, at any time. TravelWallet is available in Euros, US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Australian dollars.

How to register?

To register/sign up for a TravelWallet, simply complete the application form found here, and hand in to your nearest branch or Forex Outlet, or call 0861 201 311.


  • You can draw money in the currency of the country you are visiting at any MasterCard ATM
  • The money in your TravelWallet is available to you 24/7, it can be withdrawn at ATM’s. or swiped at merchants for goods and services.
  • You can request an emergency cash advance
  • There are no transaction fees for swiping at MasterCard merchants
  • If your card is lost or stolen, it can be stopped and replaced
  • Before you leave on your trip, you can make arrangements with a Standard Bank foreign exchange outlet to load extra money to your card, provided you do not exceed your annual travel allowance.
  • Statements are available online, and your balance is just an SMS away
  • There may be a currency conversion fee if the currency you are paying is different from the currency loaded on your card as a foreign exchange transaction will take place. The exchange rate will be the same as that offered by MasterCard on that date.
The TravelWallet cards are reloadable, and have an expiry of 3 years, with these as factors it would be a great tool for businessmen, backpackers and travellers alike. Visit http://www.standardbank.co.za/travelwallet to have a look at this offering.

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