Using twitter and your credit card to make a purchase

prelin —  February 21, 2013 — Leave a comment


In an amazing move for both Twitter and American Express, users of the card can now synchronise with Twitter can take advantage of offers “tweeted” by the financial services company.

American Express will promote products in messages fired off at Twitter. Card holders buy items by tweeting indicated hashtags, with their accounts being charged accordingly.

“We’re leveraging our unique technology and closed-loop network to introduce a seamless solution that redefines what’s possible in the world of social commerce,” said American Express senior vice president Leslie Berland.

The sales started Wednesday, Feb. 13 and Amex Sync provided their first five products on Twitter including an Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Xbox 360 4GB console with game tokens, Sony Action Cam with waterproof headband mount and the Urban Zen Bracelet designed by Donna Karen all for vastly discounted prices. The Twitter sale will last until March 3 or when items become sold out.

The first step is to visit the Amex Sync site, where you link your card to your Twitter account. You can also link it to your Facebook and Foursquare accounts if you want to get special offers, but you can’t buy from those social media sites in the way you can with Twitter:

Ready to buy? The instructions are technically contained within each offer. You tweet the hashtag associated with an offer to start the purchase. You start the tweet as a reply to and then adding the hashtag. After that you get a reply on Twitter back from Amex telling you to confirm the order. After that, an email confirmation of the order arrives and eventually so does your product.


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