Weview Wednesday: Gust

prelin —  February 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

gustpay logo

We’re always fascinated in new payment solutions and South African based Gust is particularly fascinating. Gust describe themselves as a “quick and easy mobile payment experience. Pay with your smartphone. Frictionless. Cashless. Paperless.”

Gust consists of three interesting apps:

  • Gust Pay: a mobile payment experience for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Pay with two taps and a swipe.
  • Gust Finder: helps you find and navigate to nearby Gust Merchants. It offers a 2D map view, merchant and specials list.
  • Gust PayPoint: lets merchants request and accept payments with an intuitive workflow. Load your stock item database and process orders with a user-friendly touch screen POS system.

How to use it:

Using an iPhone we were able to download the various Gust applications. While the company is currently in beta we’re looking specifically at Gust Finder as we could not create an account using Gust Pay. The app is available for Android and iOS and while it currently only shows locations in Stellenbosch the app can show you where the closest merchant that accepts Gust payments is located. You can filter via food or beverages and then get a map where to go. Payment happens through the Gust Pay application and is location based so you see the merchants in the payment app when you are close by.


  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Useful for purchasing food or drink when low on cash
  • Safety aspects
  • Useful for a merchant as they can see exactly what items are being purchased via Gust Pay and offer specials
  • Special offers can be found using the service


  • No Blackberry Gust Finder app (although there is a payment app)
  • Limited currently to Stellenbosch while in Beta
  • No ability to get money out of an ATM

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