A kiosk for digital do-gooders

prelin —  March 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

SONY DSCCombining donations and mobile payments, the iGIVE Digital Donation Kiosk is available to accept payments from mobile phones.

According to Matt Welter of the company that developed the system, inLighten: “This unique kiosk has been created to address a number of the issues faced by organizations such as museums, zoos, arts groups and houses of worship that depend on donations for a significant portion of their funding,”

The aim of the iGIVE is to promote spontaneous giving and through the “cool factor” entice those who would previously not give charity to test out the system. Once they see the simplicity they’ll be more aware of the needs of the less fortunate.

In addition to accepting checks and mobile wallet accounts, the iGIVE also can take cash, debit and credit cards. A touchscreen user interface with pop-up keyboard adds to its ease-of-use and creates a quick and convenient process for donors.

We think this is a great solution for helping people transition into a cashless society and helping donation-supported organisations be on the cutting edge.


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