Weview Wednesday – Google Wallet

prelin —  May 29, 2013 — Leave a comment


Today we’re looking at Google wallet – a versatile and safe payment gateway which allows you to store your debit & credit card details for payment and allows you to access them from your smartphone or web browser.

The “Buy with Google” option comes up on websites which accept Google wallet as a payment method, which would allow you to use Google wallet for purchasing goods online at online stores. Google are aiming to create a faster and more manageable checkout system with Google wallet.

How does it work?

  • Sign up for a Google Wallet on the web
  • Add on cards (debit or credit) onto your wallet
  • Use the wallet to transact


  • The Google wallet allows for secure, fast purchases online, at over a thousand websites
  • You are able to shop at a Google wallet mobile app store and save on certain items
  • App’s, music, books, and so much more is available on the Google Play store
  • Sending money to other Google wallet holders is also an option, making the transfer of money from person-to-person as quick as clicking a button (this works through users Gmail interface)
  • NFC payments via Google wallet is also available where accepted


  • Google wallet allows you to select which card you would like to transact from
  • You are not only limited to usage on an app or one online shop
  • You can use the Google wallet service from a Web Browser or a smartphone
  • Safe & Secure – Google wallet Purchase Protection covers all eligible unauthorised Google wallet transactions as well as password protection for the wallet
  • Transferring money between Google wallet users is free



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