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Prepaid Easy


The Edenred Compliments giftcard has been used in the South African market for reward and recognition, loyalty and motivation solutions. The solution is used to motivate and incentivise staff, sales teams, distribution channels and even clients and partners.

The cards can be used anywhere in South Africa where MasterCard is accepted and carries no transaction fees for the cardholder. For promotional purposes the card can be customised to reflect your brand by adding your company logo or name – or even the name of the loyalty program you are running – onto the gift card

The cards are re-loadable so you can continue to load money onto the card until the card expires and the card is valid for three years in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)

Allows you to replace any cash incentive (whether a reward or incentive) with a safe and convenient Compliments gift card


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Today we look at Tutuka’s balance enquiry system that has been developed for checking the balance of cards across various card programs. Over the years, many card programs have been entered into by corporate companies, program managers reselling payroll cards, shopping centers and retailers with gift cards used in their stores. The website and applications allow for statements and balance enquiries for any card which is linked to Tutuka.

What cards can you check?

  • Shopping Center gift card’s
  • Payroll card’s
  • Microlending card’s
  • Corporate cards used for incentives
  • Standard Bank blue PayCard’s
  • Closed loop gift card’s

Where do I go?

Other ways of checking your balance are:

  • Sending an SMS of their card number to 34246
  • Calling the Balance enquiry 083 918 7700
  • Dialling customer support of 0861 11 40 93 and choosing option 1 for card balances
  • Going to the information desk (of a shopping center for shopping center gift cards


Today we look at Novatti’s Digital Wallet. Novatti is an international software provider with offerings around payment systems for prepaid mobile recharges, rural and remote banking, prepaid mobile vouchers, and digital wallets, and payment systems.

The Novatti Digital Wallet has the ability to integrate with other wallet services such as Google Wallet and PayPal, and payment providers such as Western Union and MoneyGram. The service by Novatti allows for getting money into the wallet, out of the wallet, and as well as to transfer money to other wallets.

The wallet can be used to transact with:
• Loyalty points
• Coupons
• Money
• Virtual currencies
• Units of energy

It allows for deposits, withdrawals, reserving funds on the wallet (pre-authorisation), and reversals of prior debit transactions (Chargeback’s)

• Integration into Google Wallet and Paypal is a winner for Novatti, setting them apart from other wallet providers
• The different transaction types allow for variety for a wallet offering
• Novatti allows for transfer to other wallets, which makes sending money to other people a breeze

smsYou will often hear people tell you that a gift card is an easy solution to a simple birthday present, or for any special occasion. It has been the norm for many years, from the days of paper vouchers to the evolution of cards being processed – Almost everything is going electronic.

Electronic vouchers (or Evouchers) are an easy way of being rewarded in our current technological era. The likes of Nedbank, Investec, FNB, ABSA and American Express have gone the route of rewarding their customers with the luxury of the choice of a gift voucher in an electronic format. Vouchers are either by email, or sms, these vouchers make life much easier for the consumer. You get rewarded for having a bank account or being part of a loyalty program and you get to choose how you are rewarded and where you want to spend your reward. How awesome is that?

Consumers have the option to select these Evouchers for their local shopping mall or selected retailers. These Evouchers are redeemable at retailers, or at shopping malls for conversion to the respective shopping mall’s own branded gift card. These retailers and shopping malls have this capability due to their integration into Tutuka’s Evoucher platform.
These innovations in voucher software are changing the dynamics of prepaid in a positive way for South Africa. In the year 2012, R37 787 713 was spent in electronic vouchers alone via Tutuka’s platform. This figure surprised some when released, but it is one that shows enormous growth in the prepaid industry. Where to from here?

Neo Africa cardToday we’re looking at Co-branded PayCard’s, a product from Tutuka & Standard Bank which allows for the reselling of branded debit cards. These cards allow for a cardholder to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for purchases at merchants.

The card takes away the risk of managing and carrying large amounts of cash. These cards only expire after 3 years.

To become a reseller, Tutuka will take you through a process to register with Standard Bank, open a trust account at Standard Bank, create a card design, get the design approved by MasterCard, get the card manufactured and delivered to you.

What does a Co-branded PayCard do?

  • Creates your own branded prepaid debit card product
  • Issue employees with prepaid debit card without having to take them into a branch
  • Your employees can use the card at any store and at any ATM. All transactions are protected by a PIN code for their protection
  • You can reload cards and the funds are available immediately
  • Eliminates the risk of carrying or holding cash

Uses of PayCard’s

  • Construction companies pay their bricklayers, tilers, welders and plasterers with PayCard’s
  • Micro lenders use the PayCard’s to payout their loans to clients
  • Teachers are given the cards by schools to use on school trips
  • NGO’s use it to pay their staff
  • Farmers use it to pay their farm laborers
  • Employers who are concerned about the safety of funds and who feel their personal security may be threatened, use the  PayCard to pay their workers instead of cash
  • Companies give it to staff members who don’t have a bank account
  • Loan management companies use it for paying out bursaries and student funding to students, so that they can track the spend