If I were a hotel…

Farzana Rasool —  July 30, 2013 — 2 Comments

Most households squabble over who gets to keep the TV remote because the holder has the power to change channels, alter the volume, and hit record for the programmes of their choice without having to constantly ask someone else to do it.

This self-sufficiency is of great value to businesses as well. To put the power in the hands of its customers and to make prepaid even easier, Tutuka has enabled a new self-service function on its website for private label prepaid cards.

As the ‘remote holders’, businesses can create, load and redeem cards as they wish.

Just hit the ‘Instant Prepaid Accounts’ tab. Sign-up takes less than three minutes (it actually took me less than one minute and I’m one of those despicable two-finger typers), hundreds of card numbers can be created in seconds and there are no middle-men.

As easy as:

1- Go to Tutuka’s website

website3 (640x438)

2- Set your login details

signup (800x363)

(NB: yes, you will be derided for weak passwords. Get creative, people!)

3- Done


You can now create, load and redeem closed loop* prepaid card accounts at your leisure.


If I were a hotel

What would you do with these cards? I’m glad you asked.

Let’s imagine I’m a hotel. I would first use instant private label gift cards to issue breakfast vouchers.


  • No more naughty hotel guests who use a breakfast voucher more than once
  • Staff members no longer need to do manual checks off a physical list of room numbers every morning
  • Leave the stone age behind


  • My first step is to create card numbers on the Tutuka website
  •  I could print these numbers onto anything from paper vouchers to plastic cards or even pens
  •  At check-in I issue guests with breakfast vouchers loaded with the correct number of breakfasts
  •  The card is scanned or swiped every morning and only the relevant number of breakfasts are allowed

Rewards, gifts, incentives

There are several other uses for prepaid cards within a hotel environment.

1-    Spa gift cards

  • For corporate entities as prizes for customers
  • For corporate entities as incentives for employees
  • For the general public as gifts
  • For my management to give to loyal guests.

2-    Rewards cards

  • Reward loyal guests for continued business
  • Swipe anytime they use a hotel in my chain
  • Swipes help them build up points or monetary value
  • Exchange points for a spa gift card, a discount on their next visit or perhaps a free night’s stay

3-    Incentive cards

  •  For my employees
  • Source of motivation
  • Employee of the month will receive a free meal at our 5 star restaurant or a treatment at our spa
  • Both could be presented to them in the form of a pre-loaded gift card.

4-    Staff lunch cards

  •  I previously hand-wrote physical slips for each staff member for the daily staff lunch
  •  Now I can issue them with meal vouchers
  •  Vouchers are redeemed using the website’s control panel.


Swift and simple, the prepaid process is both easy and beneficial with Tutuka.

*closed loop cards are those issued by a specific merchant and can only be redeemed at that same merchant.


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