Weview Wednesday: Samsung Wallet

Farzana Rasool —  August 14, 2013 — Leave a comment


 Samsung’s fairly new Wallet is now available on the Google Play store.

The company created the wallet in response to Passbook that was launched by Apple for iOS.

A little competition is always good for the industry but the six-month old product is, at present, limited to the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung introduced the Wallet app in February this year and released the app in the Samsung Apps store in May.

It offers a virtual storage space that allows the management of event tickets, mobile boarding passes, loyalty cards and coupons.

Users can redeem passes and coupons by opening the app to display bar codes that are scanned at payment and check-in terminals.

The Wallet also features push notifications that remind users about coupons and tickets as they become relevant and that updates items like boarding passes that are already logged into it if details change. The notifications are also location based and so will alert users when Wallet-friendly stores, theatres or hotels are nearby.

Samsung’s Wallet has an open API, allowing easy integration for partners. The app also syncs all stored data across Samsung devices.

Despite the name, Samsung Wallet does not include mobile payment capabilities. However, earlier this year, Samsung said it will pre-install Visa’s NFC payWave app on all future smartphones.


  • Essentially a virtual voucher manager
  • Allows ease of access to digital coupons and tickets in one space
  • Reminders about tickets so those bought long in advance are not forgotten
  • Location alerts when Wallet partners are nearby



  • Only available in the US so far

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