If I were a travel agency…

prelin —  September 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

A few days on the beach in Miami, a week of partying in Ibiza, traveling across Europe in search of some peace and quiet.. some of which that are on our “to do” lists. But getting around to booking these trips can be tiresome and can lead to it not happening at all. Lets thank the travel agencies for making this a breeze.

Travel agents are pooping our of many corners in the past few years, due to an industry that breeds off a customers need for exploring, relaxation, business and for just “taking a break”. What sets them apart though? Lower prices and a service offering are always kept strongly in mind when choosing which brand to go with.

If I were a travel agency

What would you do with these cards? I’m glad you asked.
Let’s imagine I’m a travel agency. I could use instant private label gift cards to issue vouchers for travel, car hire, and accommodation for seasonal specials. It’s simple to get them created, you start here.


  • A more diverse service offering
  • It may sway a customers mind towards my brand because of the “giving back” to a customer
  • No more manual recon of a paper voucher by my accounts department
  • A lower risk of fraud by staff


  • My first step is to create card numbers on the Tutuka website
  • I could print these numbers onto anything from paper vouchers to plastic cards or mini airplanes
  • When a customer comes through with our branded gift card or even an electronic version of our prepaid voucher, the staff member can redeem it via our own system as integration with Tutuka is possible
  • It can also be redeemed on the website

For more uses of the Tutuka Instant prepaid Accounts, have a look at If I were a spa, If I were a retailer, if I were a hotel

Swift and simple, the prepaid process is both easy and beneficial with Tutuka.

*closed loop cards are those issued by a specific merchant and can only be redeemed at that same merchant.


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