Weview Wednesday – Nedbank PocketPOS™

prelin —  September 18, 2013 — Leave a comment


Today we look at Nedbank PocketPOS™. A device which connects via Bluetooth, and can turn a smartphone or tablet into a POS device.  This device-app combination provides convenience for payments & can be charged via USB in a car or a laptop. The PocketPOS allows for on-the-go payments to be received from customers, and accepts debit and credit cards.

Steps to use PocketPOS™:

  • After signing up with Nedbank on the site www.simplybiz.co.za, the device will be delivered to you.
  • You would have to download the Nedbank PocketPOS™ application from your App store and follow the registration process set out in the application.
  • You then pair your Nedbank PocketPOS™ and smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.
  • Open the application to enter and process a transaction. As the merchant, you will initiate the transaction through your smartphone or tablet (entering amount and customer or purchase details) and then only pass the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device to the customer to insert his or her card as well as PIN.
  • Once the transaction has been approved, depending on the type of Nedbank PocketPOS device, the customer will receive a receipt by email or a receipt will be printed


  • Mobility on transactions within a store
  • The device accepts all major chip & pin cards (debit & credit)
  • A printer option is available for instant receipts
  • Connected via Bluetooth, therefore the smartphone or tablet does not need to be handed to the customer


  • Reliant on internet connectivity for processing of payments
  • It is restricted to Andoid and iOS platforms, for use of the app

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