If I were a coffee shop…

prelin —  October 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Every cafe or coffee shop needs something to help it stand out. The have been many types of stores which come up with crazy  themes, offerings, specials just to keep customers coming back. Their is always a need for something that entails a stronger incentive for consumers to return to the establishment.

Apart from the amazing food, beverages or snacks I will obviously serve, if I were a coffee shop, I thought gift cards for corporate meetings or vouchers for free or discounted beverages would work well to make sure my customers return to me continuously. Rewarding patrons with something linked to my business means they have to come back to reap the benefits.

Everyone loves a free meal right? Prepaid is arguably the best way to do this for customers. Just the other month I was a hotel and considered all the ways Tutuka’s closed loop prepaid bouquet could benefit my business.

If I had to map it out using Tutuka’s online self-service option that allows the creation of instant closed loop prepaid accounts, I could immediately list several ways in which to integrate the convenience of prepaid into my establishment.

1-       Gift cards

Mellissa wants to thank a friend for doing her a favour. She buys a gift card from my coffee shop/cafe so the friend can have a cup of joe with her family at their convenience.

2-       Vouchers for special occasions

Mellissa is going to be away on business for Mother’s Day. She plans ahead and buys her mum a voucher for our Mother’s Day special, which is our awesome hot chocolate for two, so she can have a lovely morning with Mellissa’s brother Tom.

3-       Rewards points

Every time Mellissa comes to us for a meal or to purchase a gift card or voucher, she earns rewards points. She can exchange these for a milkshake or any menu item of her choice once she has enough. Alternatively, she can build up to 500 points and get a full free meal.

4-       Staff meals/drinks

It’s just poor marketing to have coffee shop/cafe staff that look hungry or thirsty. Each of my staff members gets a free meal and soft drink per shift. They are given vouchers that are scanned and redeemed on Tutuka’s self-service control panel once the staff member has used it.

redeemed account

5-       Birthday treats

To help build up closer relations with my patrons I will ask them to sign up to our mailing list. This way they will find out about our specials and also we could send them vouchers on their birthdays.

6-       Corporate functions

Companies wanting to throw corporate meetings at our establishment can ask for preloaded drinks vouchers before they arrive in order to ensure the tab doesn’t get blown through the roof. Each employee will be given the agreed amount of vouchers and will hand them in as they order. Vouchers not redeemed during the night can be refunded to the company.


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