Weview Wednesday: Gift Cards gone wild!

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After only two months of planning and implementing, Tutuka is proud to announce our gift card integration with seven-store franchise, Wildman Hunting & Outdoor.

Your complete one-stop shop for all things outdoor, Wildman Hunting & Outdoor have seven stores, based in Graaff Reinet, Upington, Brackenfell, Ermelo, Ellisras, Nelspruit and Kimberley.

Earlier this week, I visited their Ermelo store and head office to test out the new gift cards, implemented just over two weeks ago.

Getting a gift card at the store was straight forward. Loadable to the amount requested by the customer, you can choose how much you want to spend on the card allowing you to budget exactly how much you deem necessary for that gift or your special buy.

Integrated with Tutuka at each of their seven stores, Wildman Hunting & Outdoor operate gift card sales through their own Point of Sale (POS) while integrated to load and redeem gift cards through Tutuka’s online voucher management system (internally known as Tutuka Deck).

Displayed on a shelf at the till point at the store, the cleverly designed wildlife-inspired gift cards are a pleasing sight. When purchasing my gift card, all I had to do was to tell the teller how much I wanted loaded on to my card. She then loaded and activated by typing in the gift card number into their online system, the amount that I had specified, as well as getting my contact details and finally issuing me with my first Wildman Hunting & Outdoor gift card. Once the transaction was approved, they sent me a personalised SMS notifying me of my gift card purchase, my gift card number and the amount loaded.

When this was done, I took a walk around the store which would be an outdoor enthusiasts dream, stocking everything from outdoor wear, to pepper spray, flasks, torches, pocket knives, hunting knives, hand guns, rifles and ammunition.

Getting my goods, I made my way back to the teller where, as you would normally make a purchase, the barcode on the items I bought were scanned. The teller then scanned the barcode on my loaded gift card, which then deducted the amount of my purchase from the gift card. Immediately, I again received a personalised SMS from the store alerting me of my purchase, how much I had spent and the balance on my gift card, quick and easy.

Wildman Screenshot_2013-12-02-16-03-14editededited

IT Manager at the Ermelo store, Henk De Wet, said that introducing this new and easy way of issuing gift cards in their stores has been opening new opportunities for their customers as well as increasing their sales.

“There is a real demand for gift cards at our stores and doing the whole integration process with Tutuka was really well planned and we had no issues other than rushing to finalise integration with Tutuka on time, but it all happened so quickly. Initially we just started at this store, but have rolled our to all seven,” he said.

Previously using a physical terminal to issue gift cards, Henk said that often they would receive complaints from customers as the terminal would not work if the store went offline. However, with their new integration, even when the store’s system is offline, they are still able to issue gift cards.

Wildman Hunting & Outdoor owner, Frik Du Plooy, added that in the future, the stores want to go a step further to start issuing their own loyalty cards too.

“These kinds of things add growth and the future now lies in IT. This is a viable system and the fact that we can send personalised SMSes to our customers when they make purchases and that the money stays in our stores, this system just makes everything that much easier,” he said.

More than just a gift card, Wildman Hunting & Outdoor stores also allow their customers to save for future purchases, or even to credit returned purchases on to their gift cards, ensuring that no loss is ensued to the store.

Loaded gift cards are valid for three years after issued to customers.

A quick and easy process, I walked out the store with my gift card and purchase in hand and impressed at the service received.


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