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I am one of those people who are a bit sceptical about getting a credit card. Yes, they may be useful for purchasing online, for booking flights, which honestly is probably the only reason I would consider getting one. However, my fear in getting a credit card comes from the idea that I would overspend, maxing out my card especially knowing that I can rely on it as my emergency cash float when times are a little dry financially.

That’s where products like the 1-2-Pay-Online virtual card comes in handy, now I am able to shop online, book my flights and fulfill all my online purchasing needs with this one virtual card, without the concern of getting swipe happy with my credit card

Developed by Triloq Payment Services, a World of Avatar company and issued by Standard Bank in association with MasterCard, the system was created to remove barriers for would-be online shoppers and to increase online sales across the board and is designed for online shopping use only.

Registration for the virtual card is pretty straight forward and is open to any South African with a valid ID number. You can register on the 1-2-Pay-Online website in order to create and use the virtual prepaid cards. Online shopping demands the highest level of security and therefore the 1-2-Pay-Online virtual prepaid card created may only be used once, on any websites accepting VISA or MasterCard. Any funds left over are returned to the user profile. Should you wish to shop online again just create another virtual prepaid card, it’s as easy as that.

With no lengthy application forms, no credit checks, no annual fees, no interest charges or any other hidden fees you simply pay as you go.

As simple as that, music and movie enthusiasts can now pay for their favourite tracks and videos on iTunes using the virtual card and can even skip the queues when paying for E-Toll bills. Just like that, the 1-2-Pay-Online virtual card is making payments and shopping that much simpler and so much more convenient.

The value of cards you may create is dependent on whether or not you have been FICA verified by 1-2-Pay-Online, all for your safety and security. A non-FICA verified user can create cards up to maximum value of R200. If you are a FICA verified user then you may create cards up to a value of R1500.

To pay for your E-Toll bill, for example, you would then register for and load your 1-2-Pay-Online virtual card with the relevant amount, log on to the E-Toll website and click on online payments under their ‘payment options’ tab, log in and pay for your bills using  your virtual card like you would with a credit card.


Each virtual card you create will have a unique 16-digit card number, expiry date and security number (usually referred to as the CVV/CVC or “last three digits” on the back of the card).

The great thing about this virtual card is that, even when you have loaded too much money on your card, the remaining balance will then be credited to your 1-2-Pay-Online profile, for you to use the next time you  register for a card.

Now there’s no more worry about overspend, with 1-2-Pay-Online, online shopping is as easy as 1-2 -(3)!



Since the South American country of Brazil was announced as winning the bid to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, a massive build-up towards the event could be felt across the world.

This news has set a whole bunch of planning and literally, the ball rolling as the country prepared for a stadium and thousands of football fanatics around the world started saving towards their “take me to Brazil” fund to witness the men in studded boots in action.

Well, if you aren’t as organised or, like me, are a fan of football, but not the type to fly to another country to watch it, you might be in luck.

While driving to work, I was intrigued hearing a radio advert about Visa’s latest promotion to win double tickets to see all the studded action, the nail biting thrills and of course all the hunky football players for the ladies at the final match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

This got me thinking, maybe I should enter, especially considering that this way my year of being competition crazy.

Although terms and conditions apply, all it takes to enter and to perhaps board a flight for you and a friend, partner or football fanatic is to swipe your Visa Cheque Card every time you spend.

Enter simply by swiping your Visa card, so the more you swipe, the better your chances at securing your seats for two at Brazil’s event of the year. The competition is valid from 14 February 2014 – 13 April 2014.

Once you’ve made your purchases, visit the Visa website’s promotion page and fill out your entry to seal the deal.

fifa entry

So whether you have been saving towards the FIFA World Cup or not, you can put away your savings jar for a while and concentrate on pulling out your wallet or purse, grabbing your Visa Cheque Card and swiping it each chance you get!

I know I’ll be trying my luck to stand a chance at winning, in the spirit of all things football, who knows? I may just score.


Known as one of the smartest and effective marketing and advertising tools of this day and age, Google AdWords is all about getting who you are out there to the internet crazed world.

Now you can expand your AdWords reach even further with Visa, who are giving away R600 towards your AdWords Campaign if you pay for your Google AdWords subscription by swiping your Visa Commercial card.


Valid until 30 March this year,  become advertising savvy with Google AdWords and let Visa help you. With Google AdWords, unlock your world to advertising ease, letting your words take you places.

However, with this competition, you’re basically killing two birds with one stone (or in this case, card). How it works is as follows:

In order too redeem this offer and earn an extra R600 towards your Google AdWords campaign as well as receiving a free phone consultation with Visa’s AdWords experts, call 0800 000 5630 and quote “VisaC913”.

Remember to pay using your Visa Commercial card.

Now’s your chance to get the word out there about your company, business, product or whatever it may be and to score extra credits at it too.

Visa’s terms and conditions do apply to this promotion and the competition is only open to South African entrants.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but a whole lot of words to add.

Smartshopper win!

I absolutely love my Pick n Pay smart shopper card, which I swipe every chance that I get. In fact, shopping at Pick n Pay has become almost first choice for me, because I know that with every purchase and every swipe of my smart shopper card, I earn points back instantly to spend on and pay for anything in-store, such as groceries, clothing and airtime, even pay all your utility bills.

Essentially, the more smart shopper points you have, the more opportunity you have to spend.

I’m almost certain that we’ve all had the desire to bear ‘millionaire’ status, well now you can, with the Pick n Pay Win a Million smart shopper Competition.


As a smart shopper cardholder, all you have to do to enter is to visit your nearest Pick n Pay store, buy any product featured in the catalogue or on the shelf, swipe your smart shopper card at the till and stand a chance to win. Please note that for every featured product that you purchase, that counts for one entry into the competition. Two winners will be announced each day so go in store or online to stand a chance to be a smart shopper points millionaire.

Enter online via online shopping too, so now Pick n Pay makes it near impossible for you to miss out on the opportunity to win.

Terms and conditions apply for the competition which runs over 14 days from 17 February until 2 March, announcing 28 winners in total, each walking away  with their 1 million worth of smart shopper points.

Your chance to finally gain your millionaire status is a swipe away, so go ahead, swipe and win at Pick n Pay.

Feeling pretty positive about 2014, I’ve dedicated this year to trying my hand of luck at entering more competitions, obviously in the hopes of winning.

So from magazine entries, to online competitions, this year I’ve dedicated myself to winning. So you could imagine the happy dance I did when I came across the JustPlay website, an entire website dedicated to competition entries and immediately I signed up.

justplay 2

If, like me, you are completely stressed out about the continual hike in petrol price, you would realise that, as petrol prices go up, so too does everything else, from groceries to travel costs and so much more. That’s where this competition site came in handy. Although, I’m not guaranteed a win, one of the competitions that  I entered online was where I could stand a chance to win a Woolworths voucher worth R1 500.


Woolworths is renowned for their excellent quality and is always a pleasure to shop at, so being in the running to win a voucher, especially worth R1 500 was definitely a chance worth taking.

As a standard, the Woolies gift cards can be purchased for amounts ranging between R50 to R1 000 on individual cards and could be used to shop to your heart’s content.

From food, to clothing, gifts, cool home accessories and make-up, with my R1 500 Woolies voucher, my shopping woes and spend stress days could be over!

It’s like I’ve found a marriage of my two favourite loves, competitions and shopping vouchers, in one!

Just last week I was catching up with a friend about the days of old, when we both were much younger and grew up practically in the same circles as our families were close.

She actually reminded me of times when a bunch of our mothers would come together as a part of a savings club, or “Stokvel” as it’s more commonly known in South Africa.

Mothers would gather together once a month and brought along with them their money and their books and whichever lady was hosting would provide sweet treats and pots and pots of tea.

The club had simple rules, you needed to put in a certain amount of money each month, should you be absent from a meeting you were fined R100 when attending the next month’s meeting.  The money went into an investment account and every December the treasurer would go into the bank and remove all the money and at the final meeting everyone would get their share and more depending on the interest rate.

As I grew older and moved away from home I began saving for my own stuff, travelling, holidays, concert tickets but never to save for December or January and every year I feel it, that “Janu-worry” feeling, where I have no savings stored for the dry period of never having money because I lived December as if it was my last. This same friend told me about a grocery club which her sister had started a couple of years ago.  A club, similarly to the mother’s savings club, where a group of women gather with sweet treats and tea and also a few non-perishable grocery items to store away in someone’s cupboard.  Their rules were just as simple, bring how ever many items you wish to bring and it will be written down under your name each month and your accumulating list will be updated and emailed to you.  In January everyone collects their groceries to fight the dry season of Janu-worry.

Since hearing of this grocery club she then started spreading the word around her friends in Johannesburg, myself included, and has been trying to figure our way around how the club would best operate.  Only problem was, where would we store the goods?  Hopeless, we gave up and never started the club and December 2013 lead once again into a terrible season of Janu-worry.

The season took such a toll on all of us that we gathered again over a cup of our morning coffee and began brainstorming ideas.  It was the only mother from our group of youthful colleagues that suggested the idea of using gift cards instead.


Our rules were simple: Every pay day we receive our cards from the card bearer, we go to our respective stores and put no less than R50 on our gift cards, we return the card with the receipt and hand it back to the card bearer.  The card bearer nicely files each person’s card and receipt, packs it away until the next pay day.  Should you miss a month, you include a penalty of R50.  You are allowed to load as much money as you like, the only requirement is to provide a receipt of the amount loaded onto the card. They will be delivered back to you the day work shuts down in December.

This way, no one needs to collect hard cash, no one needs and more importantly no one will have a dry season of Janu-worry the money gets used specifically for groceries in those respective stores chosen (Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite or Spar).

You load your money and you save your money, just another way that gift cards are making life simpler. We’ve decided to call it: The modern day Stokvel. All that’s missing are the sweet treats and pots of tea, but then again, that’s why we made sure we have a mother join our club!


Let your bargain shopper status win you one of 20 R250 Greenstone gift cards this month with their Greenstone Sidewalk Sale giveaway.

Running from the 6th to the 16th February 2014, Greenstone Shopping Centre has definitely got their customers falling in love this Valentines month with an array of bargains to choose from at a number of their stores which are displaying their discounted goodies outside the stores.

This time of the year is usually renowned for their bargain sidewalk sales which has become a trend amongst many shopping centres. However, Greenstone is bringing a difference this year and on top the bargains that their customers can get, they are adding extra winnings, making bargain shopping at Greenstone all the more pleasurable.

Greenstone shoppers, simply by scouting for their favourite bargains, can stand a chance to walk away as lucky winners of one of 20 Greenstone gift cards worth R250 each.


So how do you stand a chance to win?

Once you have spoiled yourself to the array of bargains on offer, simply log on to Facebook and like the Greenstone Shopping Centre Facebook page. Then, on their Facebook wall, post your best bargain buy, followed by the hashtag #greenstonesidewalksale and stand a chance to win.

For the more Twitter happy people, you can enter by following the  Greenstone Shopping Centre Twitter handle (@GreenstoneMall). Here, tweet about your best bargain buy, also adding the hashtag #greenstonsidewalksale at the end and you could be a lucky winner.

The shopping experience has not been more exciting and Greenstone Shopping Centre are certainly in the mood to give this season. So why don’t you explore the bargains at one or more of their 150 stores, tweet or post about it and win!