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As part and parcel of our weekly bank rewards programme reviews, this week’s Weview Wednesday looks at the Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards Programme. With the festive season rapidly making its way to our pockets, what better way to spend than to be rewarded for your spending? We’ve already looked at the Standard Bank U-Count Rewards; the Absa Rewards Programme, FNB eBucks and now let’s see what the Nedbank Greenbacks Programme has to offer its clients.

nedbank greenbacks

How it works?


  • Joining Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards is quick, easy and free
  • You can link up to 10 credit or cheque cards to this account at no additional fee and gain Nedbank Greenbacks on your accumulated spend on all cards
  • Nedbank Greenbacks never expire allowing you to save your points towards those rewards you’ve always wanted
  • The balance on your Nedbank Greenbacks account is updated on a daily basis and you will receive quarterly statements to inform you of your balance
  • Spend your Nedbank Greenbacks either on their online shop or by calling 086- 555 111 or 0860 555 222 for Nedbank Personal Relationship Banking clients or 0860 111 263 for Nedbank Private Wealth Clients and provide them with all the relevant details


  • If you do not spend on your Nedbank card for five months or more, your Nedbank Greenbacks account is considered dormant and you will lose those points
  • You can only apply to reopen your Nedbank Greenbacks account three months thereafter, and your forfeited Greenbacks will be reinstated in full
  • Nedbank Greenbacks are only earned on eligible card spend which excludes cash withdrawals, casino chip purchases, fuel purchases, finance and other card charges, fees or taxes levied by Nedbank or the government, the purchase of travellers cheques or other negotiable instruments, garage card transactions, budget account installments and interest, insurance premiums and internet transfers or payments


With just under two months until Christmas, now is the time when everyone is trying to make the most of their money. Christmas season, undeniably, is the time when a lot of cash is spent, whether it be on gifts, party planning, big lunches and even holidays and if you can gain rewards on your spending, then why not? Previously we’ve looked at the various rewards programmes offered by different banks, from Standard Bank’s UCount Rewards to the Absa Rewards and this week we take a look at FNB’s eBucks programme

How it works?

  • All you need to qualify as an eBucks earner is to be a qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank account holder
  • Join online on the eBucks website.
  • Earn eBucks every time you use your FNB  or RMB card, whether you’re buying groceries, filling up your car or shopping online
  • When you use your bank card at an eBucks partner, you earn more eBucks from the partner as well
  • When you spend, it’s up to you to decide if you want to pay for your purchase in full with eBucks or if you want to pay partly in eBucks and partly with your FNB or RMB Private Bank account. This means you can spread out your eBucks over many purchases or use them all at once
  • Save money by spending your eBucks and get a discount on your purchase
  • The better you bank, the more you get for managing certain aspects of your banking on things like a home loan, personal loan or investment
  • You can get discounts of up to 40% when you buy any of the lifestyle products in the eBucks Shop or book your travel arrangements through eBucks Travel


  • Joining eBucks Rewards is quick, easy and free
  • eBucks never expire allowing you to save your eBucks towards that big buy that you’ve had your eye on
  • eBucks has a dedicated contact centre. If you are having a problem registering, call the eBucks contact centre on 087 320 3200
  • Earn points every time you swipe, anywhere


  • eBucks can not be exchanged for or redeemed as cash
  • When purchasing discount items, they can only be fully purchased using eBucks

With a wide array of credit and debit cards and now mobile money becoming popular why would you use a prepaid card? Here are five reasons that will convince you that prepaid is the way forward:

  • No debt

As your card comes loaded up with funds before you start using it you can only spend that amount. If you get carried away and spend more than you originally expected you won’t be caught in a debt spiral as you potentially could with a credit card.

  • Safety

Carrying cash around always has its dangers; the same can be said for someone copying your credit or debit card. With some prepaid cards you still require a pin code and in addition if somehow your pin is exposed you’re limited to how much money you can have stolen.

  • Travel

A great way to keep within a budget for a holiday is to load up a prepaid card with the amount you’re looking to spend. You can never exceed that limit and you don’t have to worry about withdrawing cash.

  • Kids

Teach your kids the ability to budget and spend wisely by giving them their allowance on a prepaid card. They won’t be able to abuse your credit card and will learn valuable budgeting skills.

  • Gifts

Prepaid cards make for fantastic gifts. Give a friend or loved one a mall gift card and they have the option to buy from any store in that mall.

There are some fantastic benefits in both giving and receiving prepaid cards, many of which you won’t find with regular credit and debit cards. Prepaid is growing rapidly and promises to be part of the next big wave of payment tools.