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When I think back to a few years ago, a song which plays ever familiarly in my mind was one that was played constantly on TV ad’s which went, “back to school, back to reality”.

With schools opening tomorrow, the reality of going back to school has certainly hit and for most scholars, or more accurately, their parents, that it’s time to do the routine “back to school” stationery shopping.

Now, instead of being a hassle or just an extra expense, especially during the financially-tight January, stationery shopping can be a breeze, especially if you bank with Absa.

An Absa client myself, imagine my delight upon receiving an SMS from the bank, telling me that with the Absa Rewards programme, I can gain instant rewards of 7% on my stationary purchases from stationery outlet, Waltons, simply by paying with my Absa Card.


Absa Rewards is a programme designed to reward you for banking with Absa. Not only does it literally put cash in your pocket with Cash Rewards, but it also gives you access to savings, discounts, special offers and convenience benefits.

Redeeming your Absa Rewards is simple and is redeemed in cash, not points,  directly into your Absa account.

Now instead of worrying about how much you are spending on all that stationery shopping, as the shopper, you can now shop with a smile on your face, knowing that you are earning rewards in the process, enough to give yourself a post-shopping spoil for all your efforts.

Giving you even more reason to spend, simply by swiping your Absa card for purchases and gaining rewards, you automatically get entered in a competition and stand a chance to win R15 000 towards school fees.

Stationery shopping has never been this blissful and going back to school, never this great.


Travel just got easier

shanaazp —  October 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

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A few years ago, I went travelling across Europe as part of a Contiki tour.

Travelling to 10 different countries in 16 days, it was quite the adventure – from meeting new people to discovering new places.

As if learning the different cultures, languages and foods wasn’t enough, getting a grip of all the different currencies, including Pounds, Euro’s and Swiss Francs, was another challenge on its own.

Amidst all the up and down, the adventure and the fun, the last thing anyone would want on a holiday like this was the worry of not having enough cash, or not having enough cash in the right currency, especially while travelling to so many different countries.

Constantly having to draw cash at the ATM’s, or using my South African ATM cards to swipe, having to carry cash with me, or even having to find a Bureau de Change in every new country proved to be a shlep and often very costly. Thankfully, with the passing of time, also came the passing of older travelling trends and the introduction of new ones.

If only I knew then what I know now, I would have gone with the option of using the Standard Bank TravelWallet.

The card is a quick, easy and convenient way of paying for goods or doing transactions while anywhere abroad, providing you with peace of mind.

TravelWallet is a prepaid MasterCard that’s as simple to use as any other ATM and payment card.

Swipe your card wherever you see the MasterCard sign. You can also withdraw money at any ATM bearing the Cirrus or MasterCard logo, giving you access to your money wherever you are in the world, at any time.

The great thing about this product is that it is available in Euros, US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Australian dollars and no matter which currency you get your card issued in, it works across currencies and you can draw money in the currency of the country that you are visiting.

If you thought things couldn’t get any better, think again because the Standard Bank TravelWallet also allows you to keep track of your account and ensures that you are notified every time you use your card by registering to get an SMS, alerting you of your card usage. With this product, you can also have access to a free online statement.  For more on these services, visit and click on TravelWallet account status.

TravelWallet have covered all their bases to ensure that your money is safe. So even though losing or having your card stolen could be a problem, your card can be stopped and replaced as soon as you have reported it by calling their lost card call centre on 0800 020 600 from South Africa or +27 11 299 4114 while abroad.

You also have the guarantee of a  fixed interest exchange rate if you use the card in the same currency as that loaded on your card and even if you run out of money while abroad, your TravelWallet card can easily be topped up.  As a keen traveller, all you need to do is make your way to a Standard Bank foreign exchange outlet before you leave on your trip where you can arrange all your necessities and fill out an application form.

Get a TravelWallet and enjoy the safer and most convenient way of paying abroad. Now you can concentrate more on planning your trip and travelling the world, cutting out any unnecessary stress. The TravelWallet will definitely be the answer to my cash crisis during future travels.



The advancement of technology has enhanced the human experience by an unquantifiable extent. A secondary result is the availability of several ‘crutches’ that the human brain can lean on to get its job done.

Who needs to remember birthdays when facebook will so kindly remind you? Why take note of the great point that article made when you can just save the link and revisit  it at your leisure?

The inevitable result of this is a generation that will not remember events unless they’ve been posted onto digital calendars, will take pictures of Powerpoint presentations in a lecture instead of writing down notes and who have more important things to concern themselves with than the mundane necessity of drawing money and having cash on hand to pay for daily travel.

Enter Gautrain Gold Card.


The prepaid card for commuters has eradicated the problematic need for public transport users to constantly make sure they have the right amount of cash on hand to be able to get home after work or to make their way to Sandton for a shopping trip. In the age of plastic, where a growing number of people are more comfortable swiping cards everywhere they go, as opposed to carrying cash around, this is especially helpful.

The gold card can be purchased from the sales desk at any Gautrain station for R12 and is used for the bus and train services, as well as for parking.

Users can load value onto the card via electronic card terminals that accept both cash and bank cards. Instead of topping up daily, Gautrain commuters can load any amount that is convenient for them, whether it be enough for a week’s worth of travel or a month.


Card scanners on the busses and at the train platform entrances read the cards and deduct the relevant amounts.



  • Convenient
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • One prepaid card works seamlessly for all Gautrain services


  • If you’ve forgotten to load money onto your card you cannot make use of the bus and will be left stranded, since the only method for loading money onto a card is at the terminals at the station. However, every station has several terminals so remember to top up!