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I am one of those people who are a bit sceptical about getting a credit card. Yes, they may be useful for purchasing online, for booking flights, which honestly is probably the only reason I would consider getting one. However, my fear in getting a credit card comes from the idea that I would overspend, maxing out my card especially knowing that I can rely on it as my emergency cash float when times are a little dry financially.

That’s where products like the 1-2-Pay-Online virtual card comes in handy, now I am able to shop online, book my flights and fulfill all my online purchasing needs with this one virtual card, without the concern of getting swipe happy with my credit card

Developed by Triloq Payment Services, a World of Avatar company and issued by Standard Bank in association with MasterCard, the system was created to remove barriers for would-be online shoppers and to increase online sales across the board and is designed for online shopping use only.

Registration for the virtual card is pretty straight forward and is open to any South African with a valid ID number. You can register on the 1-2-Pay-Online website in order to create and use the virtual prepaid cards. Online shopping demands the highest level of security and therefore the 1-2-Pay-Online virtual prepaid card created may only be used once, on any websites accepting VISA or MasterCard. Any funds left over are returned to the user profile. Should you wish to shop online again just create another virtual prepaid card, it’s as easy as that.

With no lengthy application forms, no credit checks, no annual fees, no interest charges or any other hidden fees you simply pay as you go.

As simple as that, music and movie enthusiasts can now pay for their favourite tracks and videos on iTunes using the virtual card and can even skip the queues when paying for E-Toll bills. Just like that, the 1-2-Pay-Online virtual card is making payments and shopping that much simpler and so much more convenient.

The value of cards you may create is dependent on whether or not you have been FICA verified by 1-2-Pay-Online, all for your safety and security. A non-FICA verified user can create cards up to maximum value of R200. If you are a FICA verified user then you may create cards up to a value of R1500.

To pay for your E-Toll bill, for example, you would then register for and load your 1-2-Pay-Online virtual card with the relevant amount, log on to the E-Toll website and click on online payments under their ‘payment options’ tab, log in and pay for your bills using  your virtual card like you would with a credit card.


Each virtual card you create will have a unique 16-digit card number, expiry date and security number (usually referred to as the CVV/CVC or “last three digits” on the back of the card).

The great thing about this virtual card is that, even when you have loaded too much money on your card, the remaining balance will then be credited to your 1-2-Pay-Online profile, for you to use the next time you  register for a card.

Now there’s no more worry about overspend, with 1-2-Pay-Online, online shopping is as easy as 1-2 -(3)!



Shoprite savings are hot this season and now you can benefit from their new Shoprite EeziCoupons programme, offering you discounts on your buys while on the go.

Unlike the old school way of collecting coupons from magazines, newspapers or via the post, Shoprite is offering their customers the convenience of gaining instant discounts while taking their desired purchases off the shelves, simply by dialling a discount redemption code and receiving a sms to redeem the discount.

As I was walking down one of the aisles at a local Shoprite last week, I was intrigued by the bright red and yellow poster alerting me of how much I could save on certain products. Eager to find out how it works, I followed the instructions on the poster to dial *120*569*1#, by doing so, I received an SMS to my cellphone giving me a coupon which I then presented at the till and instantly received the discount off of my purchase.


I can’t think of anyone who does not enjoy gaining discounts or bargains, especially during this time of the year and for all Shoprite shoppers, if like me, you’re new to EeziCoupons, the group have introduced an application compatible to all smarphones that can be found at Now shopping and finding out the latest discounts and specials on offer is just a browse away.

Get access to specials, Christmas recipes, a Shoprite newsletter and so much more. Similar to what other stores such as Woolworths, Sportsmans Warehouse and Makro are doing, SMS vouchers are gaining rising popularity because of their simplicity, convenience and their ease to access.

No more concerns of carrying paper vouchers or the worry of loss or theft, SMS vouchers are revolutionising the world of discount redemptions.

Now it seems that instead of worrying about how much you’ll spend at a store, you biggest concern should rather be about having a fully charged cellphone battery.