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Mother’s Day

prelin —  May 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

mothers-day-giftcard-4blogIt is mother’s day time of year again dedicated to showing gratitude, appreciation and sincere devotion and honouring the beautiful females in our lives. Enduring the hardships of raising a child with a kindred spirit and an understanding of sacrifice, we all know that there is no woman on alive that could take our mom’s place.

The day which came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis, thereafter granted as a resolution signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. People across the world have been celebrating the day ever since, on the second Sunday of every May.

This off course means long queue’s at cashiers in retail shops and shopping centres this weekend. There would be many offers from your favourite brands, large to small, offering specials on items that would suit our mums, or even the simple gift card as an option. Stores such as Edgars, Green Cross, Pick n Pay, Queenspark (to name a few) could have that perfect special gift idea.

Although it may be argued that this sort of appreciation should surely be significant on any given encounter with our dearest mothers, but I mean we have Election Day, Family Day, etc. A day just for her, you may agree, is worth celebrating to show Mum just how special she is.


An app that tells you exactly where there are available discounts? Sounds too good to be true. I downloaded this app, and it is true!

After downloading via my phone’s store, (available on iTunes, google Play and for Blackberry ), I completed the easy sign-up process, and then I was spoilt with competitions as well as vouchers and coupons for discounts and free items. These are available via voucher codes, links to the retailer websites, it saves on your app, and you can even print out a voucher. The service is available via the app, as well as on the vouchercloud website.

The vouchers, coupons, and links all display the expiry date, as well as the available days that it may be redeemed. The app detects your location via your phones GPS, and tells you where the available offers are closest to you.

You can even browse via category to have a look at what you may be in the hunt for, be it dining, travel, fashion, gardening, electrical, sports and much more.

voucher master.luxury_brands

Powered by Vodacom, vouchercloud boasts deals/offering from the largest retailers, brands & franchises available to our country. Download the app or have a look at the website. Its easy to use, and will benefit every type of consumer looking for a good deal.



Nothing beats a well deserved “Thank You” especially once you’ve earned it and that’s exactly what the Edgars Group  wants to say to you!

Edgars’ exclusive Thank U Rewards programme is a way of giving back to valued customers, everytime they swipe their card at any other participating stores. These stores include Edgars, Edgars Active, Red Square, Jet, Legit, Boardmans, CNA and others.


As an Edgars cardholder you can be rewarded instantly and earning points couldn’t be easier or quicker.

Personally, I am a rewards and loyalty card junkie, so when I first heard of this programme, I immediately hopped on board. The Edgars Thank U Rewards programme rewards both account and cash customers, allowing you to automatically earn base points every time you swipe your card as well as special bonus points on in-store promotions.

For account members part of the Edgars Club, automatically get signed up for the Thank U Rewards programme and earn bonus points as well as 10 points for every R1 you spend.

So whether I am buying a pair of jeans, perfume, some stationery or anything at one of the participating stores, I make sure to swipe my Thank U card, guaranteeing me points back which I can then spend once I’ve accumulated enough.

A minimum of 10 000 Thank U points is required for each spend. You can check your points balance by simply asking the cashier to swipe your card at the till point before making your purchase, and then advise how many of your points you would like to spend.

Swipe, earn and spend at Edgars and participating stores and reap the benefits of this great programme.