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The beginning of the year always seems like a time when people flock to the gym in an effort to burn off the extra calories gained over the holidays and also to become more fit. Even apart from this, it seems to be the time of the year when there’s an influx of various fun runs, marathons, challenges and fitness programs.

I have one friend who is very fond of this time of the year, particularly because he is somewhat of a fitness freak.

From registering for nearly every marathon, to preparing months in advance, he definitely is one determined guy, set on his fitness goals.

While browsing the internet I came across the Sportsmans Warehouse website which informed me of their online gift card purchases, which I was totally unaware of.

Immediately, I thought this would be a great way of getting a gift (which he could choose for himself) for my friend for one of his races, especially because we now live in different cities.

All I had to do was to visit the Sportsmans Warehouse website to register for an online gift card which would automatically be sent to my friend, simply by filling in this online form.sportsmans formAfter I had chosen the amount of the gift card, which ranged between R100 and R1000, I specified my friend’s details and added the gift card to my cart like a product. Payments can be made using MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards which are registered with any South African bank. EFT payments are also accepted.

Once I checked out and my payment was confirmed, the voucher was sent to his email address. So when my friend wanted to make his purchase at a Sportsmans Warehouse in his city, all he had to do was to present the emailed gift card to the cashier to be redeemed.

SMS or Email vouchers such as these presented by Sportsmans Warehouse are a great way of reducing the risk of loss or theft by not having physical vouchers.

Now purchasing vouchers for my fitness fanatic friends, both near and far, has become as simple as a few clicks.

*Please note that the Sportsmans Warehouse gift cards are currently only redeemable in their stores and are not valid for online purchases.



The festive season is officially over and it’s time to get back into the swing of things as we embark on a new year.

Usually during this time of the year, many people have new year resolutions from ‘becoming a better person’ to ‘quitting certain bad habits’, but what I’ve found most common among new year resolutions is the aim to ‘get fit’ or ‘into shape’.

This resolution is understandable, considering all the eating, celebrating and festivities over the December period. So more than just gifts, friends or love gained over the season, another guaranteed gain is definitely some weight gain.

In an effort to kickstart my goal at becoming more fit this year, I popped in to my local Totalsports store yesterday to get some exercise gear to motivate myself. Common during this time of the year, the store, as well as many around it, was filled with big signs indicating sales which were taking place. However, at Totalsports, the sales and discounts came with a difference.


As part of The Foschini Group (TFG), Totalsports have recently introduced their TFG Rewards programme. The programme is a great way to earn and redeem rewards with every purchase made from any of the stores which are part of TFG. When I made a purchase at Totalsports yesterday, I automatically was signed up for a TFG Rewards card, which guaranteed me great discounts on every purchase from that point onwards.

Now every time I swipe my TFG card at the checkout at any of the TFG stores, I receive a reward voucher immediately to use on my next purchase.

What’s great is that, whether I am a cash or even an account customer at one of the stores, I still benefit from this programme. Cash customers get a cash rewards card but account customers do not need to carry two cards because they can swipe their account card in cash or account sales and earn and redeem vouchers in both.

From fashion to jewellery, sportswear, footwear, cosmetics, cellular, outdoor, homeware and more, rewards are chosen especially to suit the customer. It might be an entry into a R10 000 shopping spree competition exclusively for reward customers, a discount on your favourite make-up, an exciting free gift, a special offer and more exclusive rewards.

Stores part of TFG include @home, @homelivingspace, American Swiss, Donna Claire, DueSouth, Exact!, Fashion Express, Foschini, Fabiana, Charles & Keith, G-Star Raw, Hi, Luella, Markham, Mat & May, Sportscene, Sterns and Totalsports.

Now you can choose where you want to reward and can make every shopping spree a rewarding one.