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An app that tells you exactly where there are available discounts? Sounds too good to be true. I downloaded this app, and it is true!

After downloading via my phone’s store, (available on iTunes, google Play and for Blackberry ), I completed the easy sign-up process, and then I was spoilt with competitions as well as vouchers and coupons for discounts and free items. These are available via voucher codes, links to the retailer websites, it saves on your app, and you can even print out a voucher. The service is available via the app, as well as on the vouchercloud website.

The vouchers, coupons, and links all display the expiry date, as well as the available days that it may be redeemed. The app detects your location via your phones GPS, and tells you where the available offers are closest to you.

You can even browse via category to have a look at what you may be in the hunt for, be it dining, travel, fashion, gardening, electrical, sports and much more.

voucher master.luxury_brands

Powered by Vodacom, vouchercloud boasts deals/offering from the largest retailers, brands & franchises available to our country. Download the app or have a look at the website. Its easy to use, and will benefit every type of consumer looking for a good deal.



It’s new year’s day and as tradition goes in my family, it’s a day of family fun, braai-ing and loads of laughs. Despite being away from home, I will be sticking to tradition and with Robindale and Ferndale Spar’s Sparbucks programme and their “My Spar loyaltykard”, I have all the more reason to.


Living right around the corner from Ferndale Spar, I decided to register for the Sparbucks programme. All I had to do was to go to their kiosk counter where I was requested to fill in my details, including my name, address, email address and contact details and immediately thereafter,  I could use my card to swipe on my purchases and redeem loyalty points instantly.

With the “My Spar loyaltykard”, cardholders gain special privileges including specials on selected goods only for cardholders.

The only downside about this programme is that, because it is currently being run as a pilot, Ferndale and Robindale Spar’s in Johannesburg are the only one’s running with it, however, if you are in the vicinity, make use of the programme and reap many great rewards.

With the programme,earn points when shopping at participating retailers and have access to exclusive deals, competitions and promotions and save money while you’re at it. You can manage and redeem your points online and the exclusive deals activate at the till instantly.

Receive emails and SMS’s notifying you or their latest deals, specials and promotions and never miss out on a saving.


Saving on your grocery spend has just become easier. Earn 1 Sparbuck for each R1 you spend and earn 10 000 Sparbucks before making your first redemption. When redeeming, every 100 Sparbucks earned is equivalent to R1 for you to spend on your earnings. Redemptions are done in store at the terminal. To check up on your balance, simply visit their site.

Now I can easily and happily go do my new year’s day braai shopping, knowing that what I’ll be gaining goes beyond simply my purchases, but I get rewarded at the same time.

Here’s to hoping that the Sparbucks programme rolls out to other Spar’s too, so that you can reap the benefits just as I have.

Cardless Loyalty Card App

shanaazp —  November 19, 2013 — Leave a comment


I am one of those people who have a number of loyalty cards, from my Pick and Pay Smart Shopper, to a Woolworths Rewards Card, Edgars Reward Card, Spar Loyalty Card and so many others. However, the problem I have is overloading my purse with all these cards, or even worse, making a purchase at one of the shops, only to realize that I’ve left one of my cards at home,  therefore missing out on a chance to achieve rewards.

I recently came across the Cardless Loyalty Card App, available on the Android Market and at the iPhone Store and is free to download.

Now, those card crazed loyalty shoppers like me can store as many loyalty cards on your Cardless account as you want. No more worries about leaving your cards at home and missing out on gaining loyalty points or rewards. The cards are digitally stored on your smartphone.

It’s a no fuss app, that’s quick and easy to download and convenient to have. According to the Cardless Loyalty card App website. All it takes is a simple download of the app, opening an account, loading your loyalty cards and highlighting your favourites and then shopping and earning.


Loyalty customers can now swipe and earn with ease without having to waste time digging in their bags, wallets and purses for their cards. Forget about wear and tear on your cards or numbers which have faded. Shoppers this Christmas can concern themselves more with carrying the plenty of Christmas goodies they’ll be buying and the rewards they’ll be earning, no cards, no fuss, just your smartphone.

If we really think about it, retailers are not simply trying to sell the products in their store. They’re not just trying to sell high quality merchandise or great customer service or unique items.

Retailers essentially need to sell a reason for customers to return to their store, and for more people to visit their establishment.

What better way to do this than through rewards cards that will ensure business will continuously walk through its doors? The customer will make a purchase and earn points for making that purchase. This will get them closer to affording a ‘rewards gift’ and so they keep returning to build up more points and to get closer to the free item.

Last week I looked at the possible ways I could use Tutuka’s online self-service option to create closed loop prepaid accounts for hotels and restaurants. Retailers can implement similar avenues for their customers to benefit from prepaid.

If I were a retailer I would consider several prepaid options for my store:

1-       Gift cards

  • Gift – Samantha needs to buy a gift for a friend’s son. Teenagers are fussy and she has no clue what to get. She buys him a gift card so he can pick what he likes.
  • Control spending – Samantha has a daughter in high school who needs new clothes before she leaves on holiday. Samantha can’t get time off work to take her shopping. Instead of giving her daughter her credit card she buys her a gift card so her spending is controlled.
  • Manage returns – Instead of handing a customer cash back when they return an item, I can give them a gift card for the same value so I don’t lose out on the sale.

2-       SMS vouchers

Samantha has another daughter studying away from home. Her daughter would like to update her wardrobe as well but doesn’t as yet have a bank account so Samantha can’t send her money easily. SMS vouchers are the perfect option so she doesn’t have to send her daughter a physical card and her spending is still controlled.

3-       Rewards cards

After all these purchases at my store, I want to reward Samantha for her loyalty and so I give her a rewards card that she can swipe every time she makes a purchase. Her points will eventually earn her a free item from my store. It will also help her move up rewards tiers so she becomes eligible for discounts.

4-       Incentive cards

To encourage my staff to make sales I give them a commission in the form of points, similar to how a rewards card would work for loyal customers. They swipe their card and earn points every time they make a sale. The points will eventually allow them to get an item from the store or can be exchanged for cash.