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Another successful year has come and gone for us at Tutuka and we would like to take some time to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the year that was 2013.

We have won awards, have grown in staff, had many great highlights and are still growing from strength to strength.

To celebrate this amazing year we put together an infographic with some of our favourite moments and stats from 2013.

Here’s to bigger and better things for 2014 and to sharing more of these memorable moments with our friends, partners, clients and the prepaid industry!

Thank You from Tutuka!



Festive fever has hit with full force and to reward you for all your Christmas spending, Eastgate Mall wants to give back to you.

This season, Eastgate Mall is the gift that keeps on giving as they give shoppers the opportunity to walk away R50 000 richer with their gift card giveaway. Spend R300 or more at the mall, pop your slip in their draw box at the customer services counter and stand a chance to win a R50 000 gift card, it’s as simple as that.

With the silly season upon us, spending R300 on almost anything from groceries to presents is quite an easy feat and definitely worth it if you could possibly walk away with an extra R50 000 in your pocket. Now you can spend your winnings on all of your heart’s desires, whether it be that “self-spoil” that you’ve been eyeing for months or even a home revamp, it’s all up to you.

With a gift card, you can now manage your spending, spend without the concern of losing cash or having it stolen. You are also able to check and manage your card balance using the whatsonmycard application, which allows you to see how much you’ve spent and how much more shopping you can do using your card. All you would need to do is to visit the whatsonmycard site, enter your card number and the security code displayed, and just like that, your card balance will be made available to you. The application is available to all Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices.

Shopping mall gift cards, like the one being given away at Eastgate Mall, are valid for three years giving you more than enough time to decide what you would spend your winnings on.

The competition is only valid for purchases made to the value of R300 or over between December, 6 and December, 22 2013 and the draw for the winner will be done next week Monday, December, 23.


whatsonmycard logoIn December last year, Tutuka extended our services to the world of Android, BlackBerry and Apple devices through the launch of our very own whatsonmycard application. This now allowed card holders to check their card balances, when they like and from the comfort of their own homes, cars, at the gym or basically anywhere they want.

Since then, the popularity of the application has grown and more and more people have recognised the benefit and usefulness of it.

In June this year, the number of users making use of the whatsonmycard application across the three different platforms reached to over 400 enquiries and a total of 1350 balance enquiries in June alone.

These growth figures are evident in the graph below, which shows growth scales from the application launch in December to June this year.

whatsonmycard growth June 2012

Since then, evident in the graph below, statistics have shot up at a drastic rate, reaching numbers in the thousands.

whatsonmycard growth - latest

To date, the application has proven to be successful and quite the hit amongst its users. A year into the game, as Tutuka, we are hoping to keep up to date with the latest in innovation, supplying our clients with only the most convenient and reliable ways of utilising our services and products.

We look forward to a future of growing scales and numbers and for greater things to come.

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We read about them in newspapers, magazines, see them on our TV screens and now some have even crept into our wallets.

If you thought celebrities were only seen through the media, think again as more and more celebs are endorsing their very own prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards are great options for those who are “unbanked” or who can either not afford bank charges, or those who simply choose not to have bank accounts but want an option of not having to carry cash on hand. And it seems that quite a few celebs are riding on the prepaid bus, and charging big costs at it too.

Previously we blogged about the launch of teenage heartthrob, Justin Bieber’s own “SpendSmart” prepaid card.

Bieber has used his celebrity status and his clear popularity among teens and tweens to launch a prepaid card to serve their needs. The card charges its owner $3.95 per month as well as an extra $1.50 per ATM cash withdrawal. While you may wonder why a teen would need a prepaid card when their expenses consist mainly of entertainment costs? It’s possible that the “Belieber” fan club would go to any lengths to make their loyalty to him known.

Similarly, other celebs like tatooed, bad boy, Lil Wayne, have also been included in the trend. The name may come as no surprise, as the rapper has launched his very own “Young Money” prepaid card. This card comes with a cost of  $4.95 to reload, a $2 charge to use at an ATM, and there is also a $3.95 monthly maintenance fee.

young money

Retired he may be, but former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Magic Johnson, also launched his own prepaid card. The “MAGIC Card”  has a $4.95 setup fee and includes other costs such as a monthly fee of $4.95, a bank teller fee of $0.50 and a cost of another $4.95 for adding cash on to your card at a retail store, as well as other costs.


Other celebs on the prepaid card list include the likes of American businessman and Def Jam hip-hop label co-founder, Russell Simmons with his “RushCard”, as well as American author, motivational speaker and financial advisor, Suze Orman with her “The Approved Card”. Other popular celeb prepaid cards include the “Myplash” series of prepaid cards, which have nearly 100 different designs from movie stars to athletes, cartoons and musicians and are aimed mainly at teens. Some “Myplash”  cards have also included So So Happy, Skelanimals, Paul Frank, Emily Strange, Plain White Ts, Rich Boy, Flo Rida, surfer Kassia Meador and the characters from the Twilight movies.

suze ormanrushcard

twilightplain white t's

While some celebs have been proven successful in their prepaid card endeavours, others haven’t had as much luck. Among those include the sister trio of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. The “Kardashian Kard”, which didn’t last a month, was discontinued and heavily criticized for its hefty fees and charges which included a purchase fee of $99.95 inclusive of the first 12 months’ fees and charging $7.95 as a monthly fee thereafter. Other fees also included ATM withdrawal fees, ATM inquiry fees, Point of Sale fees, cancellation fees, replacement fees and many more.


So there you have it. It seems like you don’t only need the media to see the faces of your most loved celebs, now they’re simply a wallet and a swipe away.

If I were a concert…

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Excitement built up this past weekend as the Barbados-born beauty, Rihanna, hit Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium stage on Sunday as part of her Diamonds World Tour.  I was one of the over 67000 people in the sold out stadium fortunate enough to experience the singer perform live.

Among all the dancing, the hectic crowds and the long queues at the different bars, I will admit,  it was tough to keep track of you cash, cellphones and other valuables and, as a result, some of my friends found themselves in the unfortunate predicament of having some of their valuables pick-pocketed or stolen.

Going to the concert, the last thing I wanted to do was lug around my handbag but it was something I had to do to avoid having to carry my cash on me, especially because I had no pockets and having cash is a must because of the drinks bars and food stalls available.

That got me thinking, how could we at Tutuka make the concert experience more pleasurable for those attending, without the worry of losing their cash through the events of the night?

Thinking back to when I was a hotel or even when I was a coffee shop, I considered the ways in which Tutuka’s closed loop prepaid bouquet could benefit me if I were a concert.

As a concert organiser, I could benefit greatly from Tutuka’s online self-service option that allows the creation of instant closed loop prepaid accounts.

So now, instead of concert goers carrying cash on them at the concert, I could issue them with prepaid cards or codes printed on wrist bands which they could swipe at the bars or food stations, which allows them to control how much money they want to spend at the concerts and avoid the risk of having their cash stolen.

So how would I go about this?

  • Firstly, I would visit the Tutuka website where I would sign up for the “Instant Prepaid Accounts of Any Type” option

website3 (640x438)

  • I would then complete my sign up/log in details


  • From there, I can create, load and redeem closed loop* prepaid card accounts for whenever concert goers book their tickets




  • And Voila!  The prepaid process is both easy and beneficial with Tutuka

Now as a concert organiser, through this process, I can also issue prepaid drinks or food vouchers to ticket buyers as part of competitions or as complimentary gifts, making any concert just that more enjoyable for you

*closed loop cards are those issued by a specific merchant and can only be redeemed at that same merchant.

If I were a coffee shop…

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Every cafe or coffee shop needs something to help it stand out. The have been many types of stores which come up with crazy  themes, offerings, specials just to keep customers coming back. Their is always a need for something that entails a stronger incentive for consumers to return to the establishment.

Apart from the amazing food, beverages or snacks I will obviously serve, if I were a coffee shop, I thought gift cards for corporate meetings or vouchers for free or discounted beverages would work well to make sure my customers return to me continuously. Rewarding patrons with something linked to my business means they have to come back to reap the benefits.

Everyone loves a free meal right? Prepaid is arguably the best way to do this for customers. Just the other month I was a hotel and considered all the ways Tutuka’s closed loop prepaid bouquet could benefit my business.

If I had to map it out using Tutuka’s online self-service option that allows the creation of instant closed loop prepaid accounts, I could immediately list several ways in which to integrate the convenience of prepaid into my establishment.

1-       Gift cards

Mellissa wants to thank a friend for doing her a favour. She buys a gift card from my coffee shop/cafe so the friend can have a cup of joe with her family at their convenience.

2-       Vouchers for special occasions

Mellissa is going to be away on business for Mother’s Day. She plans ahead and buys her mum a voucher for our Mother’s Day special, which is our awesome hot chocolate for two, so she can have a lovely morning with Mellissa’s brother Tom.

3-       Rewards points

Every time Mellissa comes to us for a meal or to purchase a gift card or voucher, she earns rewards points. She can exchange these for a milkshake or any menu item of her choice once she has enough. Alternatively, she can build up to 500 points and get a full free meal.

4-       Staff meals/drinks

It’s just poor marketing to have coffee shop/cafe staff that look hungry or thirsty. Each of my staff members gets a free meal and soft drink per shift. They are given vouchers that are scanned and redeemed on Tutuka’s self-service control panel once the staff member has used it.

redeemed account

5-       Birthday treats

To help build up closer relations with my patrons I will ask them to sign up to our mailing list. This way they will find out about our specials and also we could send them vouchers on their birthdays.

6-       Corporate functions

Companies wanting to throw corporate meetings at our establishment can ask for preloaded drinks vouchers before they arrive in order to ensure the tab doesn’t get blown through the roof. Each employee will be given the agreed amount of vouchers and will hand them in as they order. Vouchers not redeemed during the night can be refunded to the company.

If I were a clothing store…

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A walk through the shopping mall, browsing online or even adverts on television… All of which are mediums of getting to a consumer, and getting a brand out there. Marketing campaigns sometimes change the want for clothing into a need, and helps consumers make that jump to a certain store to buy a few items..

Clothing stores have tough competition these days. There’s always a brand that is competing in status, or prices that are just below yours which tend to sway consumers towards purchasing from a certain store. Clothing stores around the country also now have private label gift cards in store, which serve as an added benefit to consumers.

If I were a clothing store

What would you do with these cards? I’m glad you asked.

Let’s imagine I’m a clothing store. I could use instant private label gift cards to issue vouchers in exchange for cash. These vouchers/gift cards can be used to purchase items in my store or group, for special occasions (mothers day etc) as well as opening specials. Increasing the service offering could be the way to draw clientele to your store every single time. Its simple to get them created, you start here. The can be given as a gift, or even used as a way to control spend in a household.


  • An instant marketing tool
  • It may sway a customers mind towards my brand because of the “giving back” to a customer
  • No more manual recon of a paper voucher by my accounts department
  • A lower risk of fraud by staff
  • Securing a “sale” much earlier than when actual goods or clothing are taken


  • My first step is to create card numbers on the Tutuka website
  • I could print these numbers onto anything from paper vouchers to plastic cards or mini t-shirts
  • When a customer comes through with our branded gift card or even an electronic version of our prepaid voucher, the staff member can redeem it via our own system as integration with Tutuka is possible
  • It can also be redeemed on the website

For more uses of the Tutuka Instant prepaid Accounts, have a look at If I were a spa, If I were a retailer, if I were a hotel

Swift and simple, the prepaid process is both easy and beneficial with Tutuka.

*closed loop cards are those issued by a specific merchant and can only be redeemed at that same merchant.