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Mother’s Day

prelin —  May 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

mothers-day-giftcard-4blogIt is mother’s day time of year again dedicated to showing gratitude, appreciation and sincere devotion and honouring the beautiful females in our lives. Enduring the hardships of raising a child with a kindred spirit and an understanding of sacrifice, we all know that there is no woman on alive that could take our mom’s place.

The day which came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis, thereafter granted as a resolution signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. People across the world have been celebrating the day ever since, on the second Sunday of every May.

This off course means long queue’s at cashiers in retail shops and shopping centres this weekend. There would be many offers from your favourite brands, large to small, offering specials on items that would suit our mums, or even the simple gift card as an option. Stores such as Edgars, Green Cross, Pick n Pay, Queenspark (to name a few) could have that perfect special gift idea.

Although it may be argued that this sort of appreciation should surely be significant on any given encounter with our dearest mothers, but I mean we have Election Day, Family Day, etc. A day just for her, you may agree, is worth celebrating to show Mum just how special she is.



With only one more sleep until Christmas, I am one of those people running around frantically looking for Christmas gifts, especially because I have family in town visiting over the festive period.

Being from a smaller city, I decided to take my family to Sandton City to browse around the shops and have a bit of a look around, that way also giving me some idea of what they would want as gifts.

However, I felt a little bit like I had shot myself in the foot because of all the different likes received at the different goods at the many stores.

Almost giving up hope on what to get each of them, I tried to simplify the process for myself by letting them decide for themselves what they wanted to get and my answer came packaged in a gold wrapped envelope and two words…gift card.

Being somewhat of a confusing person to buy a gift for, myself, I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this idea sooner.

Gift cards are always great options to get as Christmas, birthday or even anniversary gifts, that way, as the buyer, you aren’t left with the worry of whether or not your gift will be enjoyed or even kept and as the gift receiver, the option is yours as to how you want to spend your gift and it’s a much safer and more modern way rather than gifting someone with cash.

So off I went and purchased my gift cards, which was a pleasant experience. All I needed to do was to go to one of the gift card counters at the mall, ask for the amount I wanted and present my ID or driver’s license before paying.


Sandton city is one of the largest shopping malls in South Africa and with over 300 stores and hundreds of thousands of shoppers a month, both locally and internationally, their gift card offering is world class. The Sandton City MasterCard gift card was launched in 2007 and has been tremendously popular since.

Gift cards, like the ones sold at Sandton City, have been proven to increase sales and feet within a shopping centre, make use as great marketing tools and are a step ahead from paper vouchers as used in the past.

As a customer, needless to say, gift cards are definitely the future in shopping freedom.


Tis the season to be jolly and Build A Bear Workshop is spreading the Christmas joy with their great gift card special this season.

A newby to the phenomenon that is Build A Bear, I felt like a kid in a candy store…or maybe even a kid in Santa’s toy workshop, caught in awe by the amazing idea of being able to build my very own teddy bear.

Whether it’s a present for you, a little brother or sister, a loved one or even for a stranger, Build A Bear is definitely your one stop shop to find the cutest and cuddliest littly furry friends and even the cutest teddy outfits to keep them fashion forward.

Now you too can spread the furry love to as many people as possible, because when you spend R350 or more at your nearest Build A Bear store, receive a R100 gift card for only half the price at R50. Gift cards can be used for rewards and promotions by stores.

Last week, I visited the Sandton City branch of the store, where I had my very first Build a Bear experience.

With my R100 gift card, I was able to purchase, stuff, wash and type out a birth certificate for my new furry friend and more than just walking away with a new teddy, you walk away with a whole new experience.

Coming in different colours and designs, the Build A Bear Workshop gift cards are playful, easy and fitting to the child like theme portrayed in the shop. The staff are also very friendly, offering their assistance wherever possible.


Walking through the Build A Bear store, I could easily spend R350, or even more on all the cute goodies that they have in store and then still shop some more as I reap the benefits of a 50% discount on a gift card as a reward.

WIth my R100 gift card, I chose to build my own teddy bear named “Cuddles”, which would then be donated to kids at a local charity in Yeoville, Johannesburg, The Nazareth House.

First I had a look around at all the different furry friends and made my pick of which one I wanted stuffed. After choosing the perfect white bear, I could then take it through the process of watching it being stuffed, even giving it sound effects, washing it and then naming it and issuing its very own birth certificate.


And Voila! in about 10 minutes, I got to walk out the store with my new fluffy companion, ready to hand him over to a new home and a new owner. Spread the Christmas cheer in a fluffy new way this year at Build A Bear and get discounted too!