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Just last week I was catching up with a friend about the days of old, when we both were much younger and grew up practically in the same circles as our families were close.

She actually reminded me of times when a bunch of our mothers would come together as a part of a savings club, or “Stokvel” as it’s more commonly known in South Africa.

Mothers would gather together once a month and brought along with them their money and their books and whichever lady was hosting would provide sweet treats and pots and pots of tea.

The club had simple rules, you needed to put in a certain amount of money each month, should you be absent from a meeting you were fined R100 when attending the next month’s meeting.  The money went into an investment account and every December the treasurer would go into the bank and remove all the money and at the final meeting everyone would get their share and more depending on the interest rate.

As I grew older and moved away from home I began saving for my own stuff, travelling, holidays, concert tickets but never to save for December or January and every year I feel it, that “Janu-worry” feeling, where I have no savings stored for the dry period of never having money because I lived December as if it was my last. This same friend told me about a grocery club which her sister had started a couple of years ago.  A club, similarly to the mother’s savings club, where a group of women gather with sweet treats and tea and also a few non-perishable grocery items to store away in someone’s cupboard.  Their rules were just as simple, bring how ever many items you wish to bring and it will be written down under your name each month and your accumulating list will be updated and emailed to you.  In January everyone collects their groceries to fight the dry season of Janu-worry.

Since hearing of this grocery club she then started spreading the word around her friends in Johannesburg, myself included, and has been trying to figure our way around how the club would best operate.  Only problem was, where would we store the goods?  Hopeless, we gave up and never started the club and December 2013 lead once again into a terrible season of Janu-worry.

The season took such a toll on all of us that we gathered again over a cup of our morning coffee and began brainstorming ideas.  It was the only mother from our group of youthful colleagues that suggested the idea of using gift cards instead.


Our rules were simple: Every pay day we receive our cards from the card bearer, we go to our respective stores and put no less than R50 on our gift cards, we return the card with the receipt and hand it back to the card bearer.  The card bearer nicely files each person’s card and receipt, packs it away until the next pay day.  Should you miss a month, you include a penalty of R50.  You are allowed to load as much money as you like, the only requirement is to provide a receipt of the amount loaded onto the card. They will be delivered back to you the day work shuts down in December.

This way, no one needs to collect hard cash, no one needs and more importantly no one will have a dry season of Janu-worry the money gets used specifically for groceries in those respective stores chosen (Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite or Spar).

You load your money and you save your money, just another way that gift cards are making life simpler. We’ve decided to call it: The modern day Stokvel. All that’s missing are the sweet treats and pots of tea, but then again, that’s why we made sure we have a mother join our club!



If there is one thing I dread doing, it’s going grocery shopping each month. Other than the actual increase in grocery costs, just the effort of having to go grocery shopping is a hassle for me. Now, Shoprite and Checkers stores have made shopping all that easier by motivating their customers through their Great Giveaway Competitions.

Shoprite and Checkers stores are running their Great Giveaway Competitions during the months of January and early February, allowing customers to enter online, standing a chance to win a R250 gift card every day.

A Checkers shopper myself, I decided to have a look at what the giveaway was all about and try my luck.

The whole process was actually quite simple. All I had to do to stand a chance to win was to visit the competition Facebook page, like their page and then register my details on their online entry form.

checkers gift card giveaway

Running from January, 10 2014 until February, 7 2014 the competition simply requires you to enter online to stand a chance to win.

On the last day of The Great Gift Giveaway, entrants stand a chance to win an Apple iPad Mini with 16GB WiFi and 3G.
Prizes will be couriered to the prize winners address stated on the entry form.
The greatest part about this competition is that, with gift cards, even though you may have already done your grocery shopping for the month, you can use your gift card to purchase in the coming months. But that’s not all, use your gift card as the perfect R250 contribution towards that special gift or buy that you have been saving towards.
The possibilities with gift cards are endless and now Checkers is giving you the chance to win your very own gift card every day.

MasterCard holders are in luck and can experience pure luxury with the MasterCard Priceless Africa Program, an exclusive collection of experiences especially designed for cardholders to explore unique moments in cities and places across South Africa.

Let your MasterCard reward you with priceless moments and offers as a way of thanking you for being a loyal member. Experience all your favourite activities ranging from dining to shopping, sports, having a look at some exciting attractions, travel, entertainment and much more.

Excited to explore which options I could treat myself to through the Priceless Africa Program, I registered online at by filling in all my details and creating my very own profile.

Hereafter, the options were endless for me to choose from and to redeem, so I browsed through the different experiences available to me before making my choice.

After browsing through various travel and dining options, it only made sense for me to choose something that would be accessible to me in Johannesburg, so I opted for a “Buy 1 & get 1 free” offer at the Karoo Cattle and Land restaurant.

The Selcted Offer

My next step was to actually redeem my voucher by clicking on “Get Voucher” which then took me to a page instructing me what I would need to do to qualify for the special.

The Confirmation after selecting the offer

 As instructed, I redeemed my voucher by viewing and printing it, it was that simple! Now I have the voucher loaded on to my profile, allowing me to print it again, should my copy get lost or damaged. Online vouchers, such as these and similarly, SMS vouchers, are a fast growing phenomenon. From other companies and brands like Shoprite to Groupon and more, online vouchers are seemingly becoming the way forward in shopping trends.

The Voucher itself

So there you have it, I just scored a dinner, including a complimentary dinner for a partner, all thanks to MasterCard. I can now choose to spoil a family member, friend or a loved one in a range of ways through this new offering and I’m excited to explore more new MasterCard memories to come. Go all out this festive and spoil yourself with some amazing treats like these.


Shoprite savings are hot this season and now you can benefit from their new Shoprite EeziCoupons programme, offering you discounts on your buys while on the go.

Unlike the old school way of collecting coupons from magazines, newspapers or via the post, Shoprite is offering their customers the convenience of gaining instant discounts while taking their desired purchases off the shelves, simply by dialling a discount redemption code and receiving a sms to redeem the discount.

As I was walking down one of the aisles at a local Shoprite last week, I was intrigued by the bright red and yellow poster alerting me of how much I could save on certain products. Eager to find out how it works, I followed the instructions on the poster to dial *120*569*1#, by doing so, I received an SMS to my cellphone giving me a coupon which I then presented at the till and instantly received the discount off of my purchase.


I can’t think of anyone who does not enjoy gaining discounts or bargains, especially during this time of the year and for all Shoprite shoppers, if like me, you’re new to EeziCoupons, the group have introduced an application compatible to all smarphones that can be found at Now shopping and finding out the latest discounts and specials on offer is just a browse away.

Get access to specials, Christmas recipes, a Shoprite newsletter and so much more. Similar to what other stores such as Woolworths, Sportsmans Warehouse and Makro are doing, SMS vouchers are gaining rising popularity because of their simplicity, convenience and their ease to access.

No more concerns of carrying paper vouchers or the worry of loss or theft, SMS vouchers are revolutionising the world of discount redemptions.

Now it seems that instead of worrying about how much you’ll spend at a store, you biggest concern should rather be about having a fully charged cellphone battery.



Standard Bank’s new rewards programme, UCount Rewards, has seen over 110 000 registrations since launching on 9 June 2013. This large response in such a small space of time clearly means customers see real value in the programme- and who wouldn’t?

We all know what it’s like in that last stretch before payday when you have to decide between buying airtime and a bottle of shampoo. Once you’ve come to the conclusion that you can live a few more days with manky hair but not without mobile internet access, you realise that even small luxuries like chocolate seem to cost as much as gold.

This is when rewards programmes step up and save the day (and sometimes personal hygiene).

Standard Bank has made this avenue available to its customers. It’s giving its clients an opportunity to capitalise on purchases, simply by paying with their Standard Bank personal Debit, Cheque or Credit Cards.

Every time customers make use of these cards they collect rewards points, which can be redeemed for a wide range of items, including fuel from Caltex forecourts, and visiting a Bidvest Premier Airport Lounge.

Standard Bank customers can register for the UCount Rewards programme online, via the UCount Rewards Contact Centre on 0860 82 68 68 or at any Standard Bank branch. The membership fee is R20 per month or R240 per year. Once registered, the member will receive a UCount Rewards Card.


How to collect points

Members get up to 10% back in  rewards points on all grocery purchases made at Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Makro, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, SPAR or Woolworths stores countrywide, when using the applicable Standard Bank cards.

In addition, members get up to 1.5% back in rewards points on all other everyday purchases when using the relevant cards.

There are four reward tiers and the number of rewards points collected depends on a member’s banking activity and the number of Standard Bank products and services used every month.

The more products and services used, the higher the reward tier, and the greater the reward, with 10 rewards points equalling R1.

UCount Rewards also provide fuel rewards where members collect points for every litre of fuel bought from participating Caltex forecourts. As a limited introductory offer, all members collect R1 back in rewards points per litre of fuel purchased until 31 December 2013. Thereafter, 20 cents worth of rewards points per litre of fuel will be collected.

Redeeming rewards points

The UCount Rewards Card can be used to pay for purchases at any Clicks, Tiger Wheel&Tyre, Makro, Incredible Connection, or Coricraft store. Members also collect up to 5% back in rewards points of what they spend when shopping at any of these Participating Rewards Retailers.

5 backtigerwheelmakro-smallIncConnect      coricraft

Rewards points can also be converted to SAA Voyager Miles or redeemed online at the UCount Rewards Online Mall or UCount Rewards Travel Mall  for flights, car hire, spa treatments, electronics, appliances, holidays, gadgets, homeware and more.


Members can also donate their rewards points to charity or invest them in a Standard Bank PureSave account.

In short

  • R20 monthly  membership fee or R240  membership subscription fee
  • 10 points = R1
  • Collect up to 10% back in rewards points on groceries
  • Collect up to 1.5% back in rewards points on everyday purchases, no matter where you shop
  • Collect extra rewards points when buying fuel at participating Caltex forecourts
  • Redeem rewards points online on the UCount Rewards Online and Travel Mall, or
  • Use the Rewards Card to redeem rewards points at Participating Rewards Retailers to pay for purchases


  • Get rewarded for purchases you would have made anyway
  • Several avenues to redeem points
  • Large variety of products to spend rewards points on
  • Clean, shiny hair the whole month


Prepaid payment, by nature, makes the lives of users a lot easier since it enables greater convenience, efficiency and security.

These also happen to be some of the duties government has to its citizens and so it makes perfect sense then that the state would implement prepaid systems where applicable. The Johannesburg municipality has adopted this thinking and implemented a prepaid payment system for its Metropolitan Bus Service (Metrobus).

The City of Johannesburg says in order to be a world-class African bus service, “Metrobus will continuously look for ways to grow its business and introduce cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing methods and technologies”.

Prepaid tags

The city says Metrobus aims to keep its service affordable, with fare increases remaining within the inflation rate. “It is cheaper to use prepaid tags rather than pay cash.”

The Metrobus prepaid system makes use of colour coded tags for fare payment. These can be purchased at the following Computicket outlets:

  • Gandhi Square on Main Street in the Johannesburg CBD
  • Cresta Mall on Beyers Naude Drive
  • Park Station in Braamfontein
  • Shoprite Ridgeway on Rifle Range Road
  • Roodepoort Metrobus Depot on President Street
  • Rosebank Mall

To obtain a tag, commuters must pay a once-off fee of R49, after which the top-up amount is recorded and deducted as bus trips are made.

Infrequent users can use a ‘stored value’ tag that works like a debit card. The commuter tells the driver the number of zones to be travelled and the amount is then deducted from the tag. The maximum amount on the stored value tag is R500 and it has no expiry date.

Frequent user tags are differentiated by colour and commuters will choose a colour depending on their particular needs, with special rates for pensioners, learners and disabled people.

Colour coordination

  • Green: adult commuters who use the buses daily. Green tags are available for 52 trips monthly, 44 trips monthly, 14 trips weekly, 12 trips weekly and 10 trips weekly.
  • Red: school children can have their tags preloaded with the specific number of bus trips they will need. It is available in a 130-trip term ticket, 44 trips monthly, 10 trips weekly and the stored value.
  • Yellow: People with disabilities make use of this tag and it’s valid for three months.
  • Black: Pensioners have black tags that are valid for a year and they also receive a 50% discount on their trips.

Commuters forfeit all unused trips after the expiry date.

To activate the tag, the number of zones to be traveled need to be loaded on to the tag. Passengers are restricted to travel within the zones they load. The tag is not restricted to specific calendar weeks or months – it can be used at any time.

If a tag is lost, stolen or misplaced, its loss can be reported and it will be barred from further use. Further precaution is taken by implementation of the 10-minute “pass-back” feature. This means that once a tag is swiped it cannot be used again for 10 minutes. Metrobus has installed this feature to prevent fraud. All tags also have a transfer option, which allows passengers to transfer to a second bus within two hours to complete a journey.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Security features
  • Convenience
  • Caters for different needs of commuters
  • Can still use cash so if a tag is ‘empty’ and a commuter is not near a Computicket outlet they can resort to cash for that trip


  •  Expired trips are forfeited

Today we have decided to weview the mobile money transfer facility from Shoprite. Sending money through the Shoprite, Checkers, or Checkers Hyper Money Market counters is extremely fast, simple, and a reliable way to send and receive money. This service takes the hassle out of going to a bank and is extremely cost effective. Lets take a look…

How to register?

There is no “registration” needed, as all transactions are recorded each time. Having your ID document present is mandatory for the process for be completed.

How to send & receive money?

  1. Go to your nearest Shoprite Money Market counter with your SA ID book.
  2. Give the Money Market cashier the SA ID, the money you want to transfer and pay R9.99.
  3. You choose your secret PIN number and the cashier gives you a receipt with a money transfer reference number. That’s it. The money is transferred immediately.
  4. You send your secret PIN number and money transfer reference number to the person who needs to receive the money.

To receive the money is just as simple, The person who needs to receive the money takes his or her SA ID book, the money transfer reference number and PIN to any Shoprite Money Market counter to collect the money. Collecting the money is FREE.

Overall a great offering by a large retail group which is backed by Capitec. Shoprite Holdings adds value to their retail stores in a way which aids and assists their customers effectively. The process is simple, and cost effective, and a great way to send money.


• Great for the man on the street, simple, walk-in walk-out process

• Transfers are instant

• No bank account needed to transact. Easy cash system at the money market points

• With a Shoprite/Checkers/Checkers Hyper around every corner, locating a money market counter wont be too much of a hassle

• The Vodacom network can be trusted for safety, security and consistency

• Costs only R9.99 per transaction


• Transactions are limited to operating hours of the retail store

• ID document must be present when sending or receiving money(driver’s license or passport will not be accepted)

• Money must be collected within 5 minutes of the transfer