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Today we’re looking at Text2Pay, a new mobile payment system that, according to the website Text2Pay takes the pain out of online purchases. With no credit card and no signup forms necessary, Text2Pay customers can quickly, safely and easily pay for virtual goods and currency using their mobile phone. It’s as simple as that. The service is useful for companies that sell virtual goods via mobile phones; especially with in-app purchases. Text2Pay is the safe and easy way to pay for digital currency and goods online with your mobile phone. With no credit cards or signup forms necessary, you can spend more time doing what you want! The service is available for South African mobile networks as well as 49 other countries.

How it works:

The merchant asks you to use Text2Pay as a payment item for their product. When you click the Text2Pay button and enter your phone number, they send you a text message. Only after you reply TNP and agree to the charges outlined in that text message do they charge you.

You do not need a credit card or bank account to pay. The charge will appear on your next mobile phone bill, usually at the end of each month. You only require a mobile phone with an active monthly account or pre-paid with credit on it.


• No need for a credit card or bank account

• Easy access to payments via your phone; no need to dig around for your credit card

• Available for over 50 countries in the world

• Transactions are usually immediate


• You need credit on your phone for prepaid

• If you’re not on prepaid you can end up with a massive bill